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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Hancock's pseudoarchaeological theories are the basis of the Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse, which was released on 10 November 2022. At Netflix, Hancock's son Sean is "senior manager of unscripted originals".[31]
  2. Oct 2022
  3. Nov 2021
    1. Η σύνθεση του δικαστηρίου που αποφυλάκισε τον Πατέλη: πρόεδρος Κουζέλη Ουρανία, μέλη Πολέμη Μόσχα, Κοτσίφη Ευτέρπη, Τρίκα Μαρία, Ρουσέα Αριστέα (όπως είπαμε, μία από τις δύο τελευταίες εφέτες, που αντικατέστησαν αυτοεξαιρεθέντες συναδέλφους τους, ψήφισε κατά της αποφυλάκισης Πατέλη). Εισαγγελέας Κούτρας Ιωάννης.

      Μα τι συντηρητικά που ειναι τα μικρά ονόματα των γυναικών δικαστικών? Ευτέρπη, Ουρανία, Αριστέα...λες κι ειμαστε σε ταινία του [[Σακελλάριος]], το '50! Μηπως το "επαγγελμα του Δικαστή" πάει σόι στην Ελλάδα? Μηπως πρεπει να σπασει το άβατο με ενορκους?

  4. Jun 2021
    1. Some argue that the American elite is functionally an old-fashioned aristocracy that owes its income to nepotism and opportunism. Others argue that the elite is functionally an oligarchy that owes its rising income to a shift away from labor and toward capital. According to this view, elites don’t even need nepotism — they are using preexisting wealth and inheritance to rebuild an old-fashioned feudal class.

      So much here to unpack...

  5. Sep 2020
    1. while a Minister’s view is always slanted on matters that affect his own interests, so that instead of promoting deserving persons he will fill the places with his own creatures, and will try to strengthen his own position by the number of persons whom he makes dependent on his fortunes;

      Here, we see a distrust of Democratic systems, commoners, and burgher-capitalism.

      The thread of logic is that people from lower classes - coming from positions of less power and wealth - are more susceptible to corruption as they attempt to shore up their own interests by surrounding themselves with flunkies and sycophants.

      The nobility, on the other hand, need no such false assurances.