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  1. May 2023
    1. A flaw can become entrenched as a de facto standard. Any implementation of the protocol is required to replicate the aberrant behavior, or it is not interoperable. This is both a consequence of applying the robustness principle, and a product of a natural reluctance to avoid fatal error conditions. Ensuring interoperability in this environment is often referred to as aiming to be "bug for bug compatible".
  2. Jul 2022
    1. The ‘human takeover’ means that humans will reach a state where they will effectively be capableof shedding such programming, gaining control over social systems, so that they will start working inthe service of human well-being rather than for their own self-perpetuation.

      !- question : self-perpetuation * Clarify self-perpetuation - it doesn't sound like a harmful term but in this context appears to be more harmful than shedding their social programming.

  3. Aug 2021
  4. Aug 2020
    1. If we've gone more than a year without this being a problem in the slightest, I don't see how the next year would be any different.
    2. But it's easy to imagine that the caption was incorrect for too long because those who know the language, know where the mistake is, and those who don't, think that it's the correct way to spell it.

      those who know the language, know where the mistake is, In other words, they can easily spot the mistake and no better than to repeat it themselves, but either are powerless or too lazy to actually fix it on SE.

      and those who don't, think that it's the correct way to spell it. So those who should no better are inadvertently perpetuating the mistake and teaching others that it is an acceptable/correct usage.

  5. Nov 2019
    1. The formidable library of extensions is also a big draw: any browser based on Chromium can access all the third-party add-ons that help you customize your browsing according to your needs. If a development team wants to roll out an extension, it makes sense to prioritize Chrome. That’s where all the users are, and by basing your browser on Chrome, you get to ride along.
  6. Oct 2017
    1. His activity would in turn be transformed, possibly in ways that better accord with thelarger community and with the design of the arena. Although we do not know if or what Zackdid learn from this conflict, that it produced a learning opportunity is clear.

      This cuts both ways though, right? E.g., it's also an opportunity for the established skaters to edit their conception of the use of the space and potentially expand their community of practice. While it sounds like there is a legitimate reason for curbing the "carving" behavior (like cutting off other skaters) it also seems like this is akin to reproducing/perpetuating the status quo through power dynamcs