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  1. Dec 2018
    1. A Tutorial on Distance Metric Learning: Mathematical Foundations, Algorithms and Software

      很不错的 Distance Metric Learning 综述性材料,富含概念,如何设计DML算法,DML 算法的数学理论是怎样的(凸优化、矩阵分析、信息论)等等。最后开源了Python 库 pyDML 以方便研究此 paper 中的算法。

  2. Nov 2018
    1. Grassmannian Learning: Embedding Geometry Awareness in Shallow and Deep Learning


      应该写个 Paper Summary 表示尊敬~~~

    2. Classification and Geometry of General Perceptual Manifolds

      一篇Physical Review X 上的文章~ 读读看~

      Paper Summary

    3. UMAP: Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection for Dimension Reduction

      此文提供了一个和 t-sne 非常类似的降维可视化算法。效果相当不错!也开源了算法代码。

      按照作者的说法,UMAP 比 T-SNE 算法更好的优点有二:更快!更准!

  3. Apr 2017
    1. We are asking authors to consider, from the very beginning of the research process, developing and sharing their project iteratively. Research materials, filmed images, field notes, ethnographic materials, sketches, maps, audio recordings, interviews, and other forms of research that are used to write the monograph will have a place on Manifold so that scholars can share their work as it is being researched and written.
    1. Our goal is to create a platform that will rival the reading experience of a commercial site like Medium but that is free and open-source.