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    1. Does latin really have no synonyms (or pronouns, apparantly)? No-one is ever weaponless, or without excuse, for example. It’s always “absent weapon” and “absent excuse” etc. Is there no verb ‘to be’ in latin? Nobody is Roman, they “stand roman”, they ‘stand’ anything that they might otherwise be. They stand hungry, they stand a senator, and so on. Characters never speak, or say, or tell anything. They only “break words”. Oh, and they all seem to be absent pronouns whenever they stand breaking words.

      The use of "absent" is excessive in the show Spartacus. This, supposedly, is done with intention. It need mimic the Latin language structure. Though, how does absent this and that aid in that?

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    1. The primary event of a series (usually a day's worth) of gladiatorial games. Basically, the "main event" or "main attraction".
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    1. . „Klimamodellen zufolge hat der Grundwasserbestand in der Zeit von 1993 bis 2010 um 2.150 Gigatonen abgenommen“, berichten Seo und seine Kollegen. Anhand eines Modells sowie Schwerefeldmessungen und Daten zur Polwanderung haben sie rekonstruiert, wie sich dies auf die Bewegung der Erdachse ausgewirkt hat.

      Zwischen 1993 und 2010 hat der Grundwasserbestand der Erde durch menschliche Entnahmen um 2150 abgenommen – vor allem in den mittleren Breiten. Die Erhöhung des Meeresspiegels dadurch ist so groß, dass sich die Drift der Erdachse dadurch leicht verändert hat. https://www.scinexx.de/news/geowissen/unser-wasserverbrauch-verschiebt-die-erdachse/

      Studie: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2023GL103509

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    1. The first major insight on God’s Number was by Dr. Morwen Thistlethwaite in 1981, who proved it was at most 52. That means he proved every scrambled cube can be solved in 52 moves or less.Progress continued through the 1990s and 2000s. Finally, in June 2010, a team of four scientists proved that God’s number is 20.

      With respect to the Rubic's Cube, God's number is defined as the minimum number of turns to solve a randomly scrambled cube. Morwen Thistlethwaite proved that it was at most 52 moves in 1981. By June 2010 a group of four had a proof that God's number is 20.

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    1. 个人学习可能取决于他人行为的主张突出了将学习环境视为一个涉及多个互动参与者的系统的重要性
    1. 12 “In summer 2010, seven cardboard boxes with lexicographical slips compiled by Dr. GertrudBauer were presented by Professor Peter Nagel (Bonn) to the DDGLC office, which had beenhanded over to him in the early 1990s by the late Professor Alexander Böhlig. The Gertrud-und-Alexander-Böhlig Stiftung funded the scanning and slotting of the slips into a database accord-ing to the hierarchical structure of the original compilation,” http://research.uni-leip-zig.de/ddglc/bauer/BauerIndex.pdf

      repetition of what appears on their primary web page in early 2023. the .pdf document doesn't appear to exist anymore (it redirects to https://www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/en/e/ddglc/index.html

    1. In summer 2010, Professor Peter Nagel of Bonn forwarded seven cardboard boxes full of lexicographical slips to the DDGLC office, which had been handed over to him in the early '90s by the late Professor Alexander Böhlig.

      In the 1990s Professor Alexander Böhlig of the University of Tuebingen gave Gertrud Bauer's zettelkasten to Professor Peter Nagel of Bonn. He in turn forwardd the seven cardboard boxes of slips to the Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic (DDGLC) office for their use.

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    1. C’est en août 2010 que le département d’Agriculture du Tennessee a annoncé la découverte dans cet État de laprésence de la maladie du noyer noir, selon Thousand Cankers Disease of Black Walnut, TCD*. Cette annonce est trèspréoccupante parce que c’est la première fois que cette maladie est signalée dans l’est. Avant cette date, sa présencen’était pas signalée au-delà de l’Iowa. Notons que cette maladie, causée par le fungus Geosmithia morbida, se limitaitaux noyers noirs introduits dans les États de l’Ouest (Ca, Az, Or, Nm, Id. Co. Wa, Ut).
    2. Et voici un petit compte-rendu de la récolte 2010. Environ 60 noyers ont produit des noix. Nous avons récolté 26poches
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    1. I think social infrastructure is what love looks like in public. It listens and responds to the needs of people. It’s a fabric that weaves people together towards a shared community thriving. If we’re to survive the worst of what’s to come, we need to build and embolden public systems of care.

      "Social infrastructure is what love looks like in public" Social infrastructure is an expression of community/communal values, and an active intervention in bringing about that community and building those communal values. Result and intervention. In community building you can use this, create the intervention and people will treat it as a result (and thus act within that community as member), Vgl [[Community building 20100210214508]] Wenger et al. I realise I never made a Notion about 'cathedral building' as a testament to community created / strength https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2010/05/working_on_stuf/ . Social infrastructure is a form of 'cathedral building', or more modest 'barn raising', where the process is a community intervention and expression, and the result feeds back into that.

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    1. studentswho meet the language-related admission requirements but do soat a relatively low level of proficiency are still disadvantaged by thecombined weight of having to improve their linguistic proficiencyand having to learn complex academic content at the same time.

      submersion education



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    1. Les textes des devoirs et des contrôles figureront au cahier de textes, sous forme de textes ou de fichiers joints. Il en sera de même du texte des exercices ou des activités lorsque ceux-ci ne figureront pas sur les manuels scolaires.
    1. the actual crisis started since the end of 2019 but then if you see sri lanka's foreign debts started rising since 2010. you can see in this graph after 2010 there was a sharp rise in sri lanka's 00:08:42 external debt and if you go further deep you will notice that sri lanka owes most of their debt money to countries like china japan even india but comparatively lesser other than countries sri lanka also owes a lot of money to world bank 00:08:55 asian development bank

      How did Sri Lanka ended up in this worst economic crisis ?

      • SriLanka's foreign Debt sharply rose in 2010 when they empowered to kill LTTE Prabakharan and demonically devastated with tamilian genocide in northern srilanka
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    1. 2010-142 (DDD, rapport 2012)Usage à l’encontre d’un lycéen de 16 ans, ayant entraîné une grave blessure à l’oeil, devant un lycée à Montreuil-sous-Bois (93)
    2. Dans sa décision 2010-142, le Défenseur des droits avait été saisi des circonstances dans lesquelles un adolescent, âgé de 16 ans, avait été blessé au visage par un tir de LBD 40x46, au cours de l’interven-tion des forces de l’ordre, le 14 octobre 2010, devant un lycée. Une centaine de jeunes était rassemblée devant le lycée, dont l’entrée était bloquée par une barricade, dans le cadre d’une action de contestation de la réforme des retraites
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    1. Insight Virtual College Comes To Chilbo

      "The Chilbo community was established in 2006 as an association of mainland land owners determined to be good neighbors to each other. Through the years that ethic has continued to be the foundation for a diverse group of residents with a wide variety of interests, both land owners and renters."

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    1. e16

      Inserir a origem dos artigos selecionados, quais os periódicos estes trabalhos estão publicados.

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    1. Comportement séditieux62Le recteur de l’académie de Créteil – 31 janvier 2010 63Droit scolaire – Discipline – Exclusion – Procédure – Vices de forme – Annulation 64La procédure disciplinaire est entachée d’un vice de forme dans la mesure où les voies de recours n’ont pas été indiquées dans la notification écrite adressée à l’élève et à ses parents, où le défenseur n’a pas été avisé de la décision du conseil de discipline et où le rapport du chef d’établissement a été ajouté au dossier après le conseil de discipline. 65La sanction d’exclusion définitive pour comportement ascolaire (sic !) est annulée et remplacée par la décision d’exclusion définitive avec sursis pour comportement séditieux.
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    1. Teaching with Web 2.0 Technologies: Benefits, Barriers and Lessons Learned

      In this article, the author defines Web 2.0 technology and use for Web 2.0 in higher education. Through a small study of educators, discovery includes advantages, obstacles, and general guidance for implementation of web 2.0 tools. The author supports use of Web 2.0 to supplement learning, not as a substitute for the educator. Technologies must be implemented strategically and purposefully. 7/10

    1. Using wikis for collaborative learning: Assessing collaboration through contribution

      Through a study of freshman students, the author aimed to determine the success of the Wiki for collaboration. Results revealed variances in learner responses and use of the tool. Lack of use was explained by individual barriers (family, social, work) and system barriers (wiki design). The authors conclude that for the Wiki to be an effective, collaborative tool, additional resources must be provided to the learner, and the Wiki must be meaningful in its design to foster that participation. 7/10

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    1. Myth: Refugees are all Muslim.

      Do people actually think that? That is ridiculous and so ignorant. People shouldn't stereotype like that. Does the general public really believe that all refugees are from the middle east and are Muslim? I wonder if they know that there are thousands of Christians in the middle east."Christians now make up approximately 5% of the Middle Eastern population, down from 20% in the early 20th century" That's part of the problem. It's a war on freedom. Religious freedom, basic human rights, and personal desires. Sheesh!

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    1. prosum-ers

      A person who influences the purchase of a product; they don't only consume it, they convince others to buy it by consuming it themselves. e.g. a you-tuber who is sent clothing, wears that clothing in a video, and then links it in their video as a product for purchase and gets money for it.

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    1. But the passage from de man does disservice to the discussion of close reading in one important respect. It makes it sound as though all you need is a negative disci-pline, a refusal to leap to the kind of paraphrases one has been led to expect, so that effective close reading requires no technique or training, only an avoidance of bad or dubious training. The suggestion seems to be that if one strips away these bad habits and simply encounters the text, without preconceptions, close reading will occur. If, as de man puts it, you are “attentive” and “honest,” close reading “cannot fail to respond to structures of language” that most literary education strives “to keep hidden.” atten-tion is important but not, alas, enough. Readers can always fail to respond—though then de man might not want to dignify the practice with the name of reading.

      Discussion of the methodological difficulties involved in close reading: i.e. there is no such thing as "just reading."

    2. Culler, Jonathan. 2010. “The Closeness of Close Reading.” ADE Bulletin, 20–25. doi:10.1632/ade.149.20.

    3. Distant Reading: Performance, Readership, and Consumption in Contempo-rary Poetry, Peter middleton calls close reading “our contemporary term for a hetero-geneous and largely unorganized set of practices and assumptions”

      Discussion of the methodology of close reading: middleton, Peter. Distant Reading: Performance, Readership, and Consumption in Contemporary Poetry. Tuscaloosa: U of alabama P, 2005. Print.

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    1. This paper examines the role played by Beckett's Texts for Nothing in the theoretical controversy concerning authorship that arose during the late 1960s. The implications of Foucault's quotation of Text 3 in his "What Is an Author?" create a canonical position for Beckett in a literature of anti-authorship, whilst the inclusion of Barthes's "The Death of the Author" alongside a recording of Text 8 in the avant-garde box magazine Aspen 5+6 facilitates a parallel reading which serves to underline certain submerged structures in Barthes's article, suggesting that the Barthesian author remains very much al



      Hird, Alastair. 2010. “‘WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHO IS SPEAKING,’ SOMEONE SAID, ‘WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHO IS SPEAKING’: Beckett, Foucault, Barthes.” Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd’hui 22: 289–99. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25781931.

      Picks up point that Beckett features very strongly in both Barthe's Death of an Author and Foucault's "What is an Author."

    1. What to do when your coauthor doesn’t return your calls.

      Stemwedel, Janet D. 2016. “What to Do When Your Coauthor Doesn’t Return Your Calls.” Adventures in Ethics and Science. Accessed June 16. http://scienceblogs.com/ethicsandscience/2010/02/14/what-to-do-when-your-coauthor/.

      Discusses what to do when your collaborators don't sign off on a paper and can't be contacted.