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    1. Mediumiin asetettu hypok-sia kuitenkin purkautuu varsin nopeasti, mikäli se on kosketuksissa huoneilman kanssa. Näin ollen ilman täydellisesti suljettua systeemiä olosuhteet ovat epästabiilit ja toisaalta suljetun systeemin rakentaminen voi olla vaikeaa sovelluksesta riippuen.

      This is completely wrong!!!

      Google tranlsation:

      However, the hypokia placed in the medium is discharged very quickly if it is in contact with the room air. Thus, without a fully enclosed system, the conditions are unstable and, on the other hand, the construction of a closed system may be difficult depending on the application.

      Petaka G3 maintains hypoxic conditions in the culture medium while in contact with the atmosphere.

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    1. there is no unique mapping that definitively converts a wavelength to a colour

      This sentence is wrong. Each light spectrum does determine a specific colour. In particular, a monochromatic light defines a colour. The opposite is not true: the same colour may be created using many different spectra.

    1. We provide results of our method on three challengingbiomedical datasets of bright-field microscopy images ofC.elegans, E.Coli, Hela and the plant phenotyping dataset(CVPPP 2017 sequence A1).

      The E. coli and HeLa datasets are not bright-field images. They are phase-contrast images instead.

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    1. MIT “MATLAB is the language used by virtually every team in the world that designs gravitational wave detectors… I look forward to exploring the data from each new detection in MATLAB.” Matthew Evans, Assistant Professor of Physics
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    1. Many detection methods such as Faster-RCNN and YOLO, perform badly in small objects detec-tion. With some considerable improvements in the originalframework of YOLOv2, our proposed SO-YOLO can solvethis problem perfectly.



    1. Passaged rBMSCs exhibited significantly greater proliferation rates at 1% O2 and 5% O2 than those at 18% O2 and the cells exposed to 1% O2 showed the highest proliferative potential, which was evidenced by the growth curves, colony-forming efficiencies, and CCK-8 absorbance values.
    1. As a convolutional neural network, SO-YOLO outperforms state-of-the-art detection methods both in accuracy and speed.
    2. SO-YOLO performs well in detecting small objects compared with other methods.