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  1. Nov 2022
  2. Oct 2022
    1. Create a public Transform variable. Any game object we plug in as this variable will have its Transform component plugged in.

      Changing the transform of one object to another's

    2. In this next example, we will change just the X position of our game object using Vector3s,

      -- Vector3 allows us to change the individual axes

    1. Manipulate a GameObject’s position on the X axis (red axis) of the transform in world space. Unlike Vector3.right, Transform.right moves the GameObject while also considering its rotation.When a GameObject is rotated, the red arrow representing the X axis of the GameObject also changes direction. Transform.right moves the GameObject in the red arrow’s axis (X).

      ? transform.right > moves game object to the right

  3. May 2022
    1. A guiding principle will be to make the hyper-response as not only fun and enjoyable as possible but also meaningful via a vibrant grand narrative approach that connects the mission to conceptions of identity, values, and evolving worldviews.

      Gamification will play a critical role to tap into the human psychology that will encourage proactive action. Bend-the-Curve is the glocal game proposed as a way to mobilize ordinary citizens aggregate community scale response teams.

      As part of this gamification, a private Transform application within the public and open Indyweb can facilitate individual inner transformation, synchronize that to individual outer (behavior) transformation and synchronize that to collective inner and outer transformation at the respective community collective scale and finally aggregating all community impacts, to the global collective transformation scale. Built in data privacy of the Indyweb insures that everyone can contribute data to the aggregator in a completely anonymous way. All of this is designed to operationalize Donella Meadow's insight that inner transformation of worldviews, paradigms and value systems is the most powerful of all leverage points.

  4. Oct 2020
  5. Sep 2020
    1. This package exposes an hyperscript compatible function: h(tag, properties, ...children) which returns a svelte component.
  6. Jul 2020
  7. Nov 2019
  8. Mar 2018
    1. I'll skip the inefficient method I used before with the custom groupby aggregationm, and go for some neat trick using the mighty transform method.

      a more constrained. and thus more efficient way to do transformations on groupbys than the apply method. You can do very cool stuff with it. For those of you who know splunk - this has the neat "streamstats" and "eventstats" capabilities

  9. Dec 2014
    1. What's the significance of the fact that there are animated and non-animated images used for GIFs?

    2. This point is terrific; what do you think the significance of "at this very moment" for digital transformative culture?

    3. It would be wonderful to be able to have pop up GIFs on this page when you scroll over a highlighted word. We should play around with that.

    4. Since in your redesign, you use GIFs across your project (including in Crafty & Remix) I think it would make sense for you to note that here, somewhere early on in your GIFs path. We use GIFs as a language to embody (and link) motion and emotion, and we use them across all realms of transformative culture. It's interesting to think what GIFs offer to crafty transformation and to remix as well as to embody, and worth exploring those connections and perhaps embedding them through links.