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  3. Sep 2016
    1. Formati aperti per i dati

      Per molti dei formati di questo paragrafo, nella gran parte dei portali italiani, c'è molto spesso una grave lacuna: non viene mai dichiarato l'encoding dei caratteri. Questa è una barriera veramente fastidiosa. Andrebbe indicata da qualche parte la necessità (penso ai CSV, JSON, XML, ecc.) di specificare sempre l'encoding e di preferire ove possibile l'UTF8.

  4. Jul 2016
    1. How we insist that the hateful language they hear from public figures on TV does not represent the true spirit of this country.

      This line does some work. On one level, it is red meat for colorblind white (and some non-white) liberals who require all black figures to be hopeful (I've discussed this more here: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/08/between-the-world-and-me-book-club-not-trying-to-get-into-heaven/400271/).

      On another level, it is doing some inter-group communication or what Stuart Hall called encoding/decoding and what Mark Anthony Neal translates into "black code" when he talks about Hall's work through modern media cultures. Obama is signaling here that she has noted those who have directed racist, sexist, classist rhetoric at her family. She has taken note.

  5. Jun 2015
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