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  1. Dec 2014
    1. What's the significance of the fact that there are animated and non-animated images used for GIFs?

    2. This point is terrific; what do you think the significance of "at this very moment" for digital transformative culture?

    3. It would be wonderful to be able to have pop up GIFs on this page when you scroll over a highlighted word. We should play around with that.

    4. Since in your redesign, you use GIFs across your project (including in Crafty & Remix) I think it would make sense for you to note that here, somewhere early on in your GIFs path. We use GIFs as a language to embody (and link) motion and emotion, and we use them across all realms of transformative culture. It's interesting to think what GIFs offer to crafty transformation and to remix as well as to embody, and worth exploring those connections and perhaps embedding them through links.

  2. Nov 2014
    1. I do think that where you begin with "However, it should be made clear" this could effectively be a new page--one that features the gifs as opposed to the video.

    2. Are videos an entire subculture? Or is it that there's a subculture surrounding their creation? Or are videos an expression of a fan culture? This is both a phrasing thing, but also I think a bigger question.

    3. What do you think it is about anime gifs that make them compelling, whether or not you know the anime or are an anime fan?

    1. Vids, page 1 of 3 Previous page on path Next page on path Disarm (Harry Potter, Harry/Draco) / obsessive24 / YouTube Details Bringing Them All Together One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, Degrassi, Friends, Freaky Friday. Some might look at this list and consider it a jumble of unrelated television series and movies with some overlapping actors and probably strong female followings. That's where remixer vidders enter the scene. They create the connections and invariably generate a new meaning in their reordering of these clips. I'll never forget the first remix video I saw. My film professor presented a Harry/Draco video to our class. I immediately felt a connection to the material. It reminded me of my childhood picturing the different ways Harry could marry Hermione or Ron and Harry might grow old together childless. I was intrigued by this new world. But it also made me question the commitment I ha

      This final paragraph, talking about the blooper videos, really does feel like it needs to be a new page. It's a new (if connected) subject and it's very different from Disarm or from your personal history narrative.

    2. a jumble of unrelated television series and movi

      I would love to see you annotate Disarm, since you're including it here. You could annotate it in the tone you're describing it here, capturing your personal response to particular moments, or you could annotate it in a more traditional analytic style.

    3. ilm professor presented a Harry/Draco video to

      I love this account (further down in the paragraph) of your personal scrapbooking. I wonder if there's a way you could think of this in itself as transformative? Maybe not exactly the same as a video remix, but also not entirely different?

    4. page

      By "that's" here, you mean the fact that it seems like an unconnected jumble? Spell this out--or maybe cut the reference to the mostly female audience, because I think that confuses your point a bit. You could perhaps add a note about female audiences here, in note form, which would allow you to keep your argument streamlined.