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  1. Sep 2017
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  3. Dec 2014
    1. What's the significance of the fact that there are animated and non-animated images used for GIFs?

    2. This point is terrific; what do you think the significance of "at this very moment" for digital transformative culture?

    3. It would be wonderful to be able to have pop up GIFs on this page when you scroll over a highlighted word. We should play around with that.

    4. Since in your redesign, you use GIFs across your project (including in Crafty & Remix) I think it would make sense for you to note that here, somewhere early on in your GIFs path. We use GIFs as a language to embody (and link) motion and emotion, and we use them across all realms of transformative culture. It's interesting to think what GIFs offer to crafty transformation and to remix as well as to embody, and worth exploring those connections and perhaps embedding them through links.