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    1. The Quarantine Stream: Ten Years Later, ‘The Social Network’ Has Become a Supervillain Origin Story

      Social Network as a supervillain origin story

    1. ARCHIVIST (overlapping) Mm, they were… Well, let’s just say it’s not a complete shock there was something unnatural to them. Didn’t know we had copies in the Institute, though, let alone original cuts. [He laughs.] ARCHIVIST (CONT’D) Records indicate they ended up in… (paper flips) Artefact Storage.
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    1. In Latin America, filmmakers have found a political conscience, and with it, touched a nerve at the box office. Films that deal with government and police corruption, corporate irresponsibility and economic inequality are hitting theaters, as well as bubbling up internationally at festivals

      Several Latin American directors have drawn international acclaim for their attempts to "deliver a more nuanced and ethically accurate portrayal" in their films of the aftermath of dictatorship and corruption.