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  1. Nov 2021
    1. IP-based correlation (accounts that are closely linked geographically) Temporal-based correlation (closely linked in time) Signs of automation in username/handle and other account metadata Social subgraphs Content similarity

      The 5 key infos to identify sockpuppets.

    1. “It’s just unfortunate that these are the circumstances that we’re talking about Mastodon again,” he tells me. “I would much prefer it was something specifically about Mastodon. Rather than, you know, Gab.”

      Rochko (mastodon creator) said that at the closing of the interview.

    1. Yet our investigation revealed that YouTube blocked advertisers’ ability to find social justice content, potentially restricting ad revenue for those YouTubers.

      Check the gif from the Google-Ads blocking #BLM, but not "all lives matter"!