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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Captions with lyrics:• https://amara.org/videos/OAP67rT5Zzrw/info/the-wild-rover-luke-kelly-the-dubliners/• https://www.opensubtitles.org/en/subtitles/9459314/the-wild-rover-luke-kelly-the-dubliners-en
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  4. Jun 2021
    1. ამ კვლევის თანახმად, იმ ქვეყნის მოქალაქეებს, სადაც ტელევიზიაში ინგლისური ფილმები სუბტიტრებით გადის, ინგლისურში უფრო მაღალი შედეგი აქვთ.

      Dubbing countries in our sample invest the same in education as the subtitling countries. Yet subtitling countries score 3.4 points higher in the TOEFL exams.

      We show that the television translation methods can explain part of the skills gap. We identify a subtitling effect equivalent to 16.9% of the overall TOEFL score.

      We also analyze the differential impact of subtitling by type of English skill (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). We find that the strongest effect is for listening (19.4%).