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  1. Mar 2021
      • food containing vitamin C
      • curcumin/ turmeric
      • garlic
      • selenium - promotes immune system
      • quercetin (capers)
      • zinc -
  2. Feb 2021
    1. RPC Webinar: Why we need to know how we know: Epistemology for online language teachers

      Overview 10:30

      What we know 12:00

      • Different knowledge(s) 17:34
      • Epistemology 18:58
      • Conceptual frameworks 23:04
      • Different ways of knowing? 26:20

      Teaching: a special form of communication 28:05

      • Teaching as directing attention 28:46
      • Language tutorials via online conferencing 34:39
      • Deficiency view 35:31
      • Eyetracking gazeplot: gaze movement of an inexperience online teacher 36:24
      • Heatmap showing attention focus of experience online teacher 41:00
      • Comparison: shift of emphasis 43:03

      Learning: what students do 46:46

      • What is learning/ teaching? 53:24
      • Language learning 55:35
    1. 24:30 graph

      B12 ცხოველების შიგნით არაა წარმონებული. გარემოდან იღებენ, და B12 დეფიციტი, მარტო ვეგანების პრობლემა არაა. https://www.riseofthevegan.com/blog/b12-is-not-just-a-vegan-problem

      K2-ის შესახებ https://nutritionfacts.org/questions/best-sources-of-vitamin-k/

      MK-4-ის შესახებ. „Animals synthesize MK-4 from menadione (a synthetic form of vitamin K that can be used in poultry and swine feed) [15]. Thus, poultry and pork products contain MK-4 if menadione is added to the animal feed [1,4,14].“ https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminK-HealthProfessional/

    2. 24:00 "Both EPA and DHA are found in fish and marine foods. Herring, salmon, anchovies, sardines, and other oily fish are the richest dietary sources of these fats (12).

      Seaweed and algae also supply EPA and DHA. Because fish aren’t able to produce EPA and DHA, they get it by eating microalgae. Thus, algae are the sources of the omega-3 fats in fish (1, 13Trusted Source, 14)."


    1. He said the pharmaceutical industry was following the lead of governments, who have sought to strike their own deals for vaccines, technology and treatments rather than prioritise global distribution.“That means inevitably that industry is also having to respond to that,” Gore said. “If countries are saying the most important thing is, ‘I want you to do a deal now with me’, the companies can’t say, ‘We’ll come back to you later, we’re trying to do a deal for global access’.”

      This is an interesting/ new point I haven't seen before. It turns out partially blame is on rich country governments as well.

  3. Jan 2021
    1. ** აქშეგიძლიათ

      ორი ასტერიქსი არაა ამ გვერდზე.

    2. იჭვნეულობა


  4. Dec 2020
  5. Dec 2019
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  6. Jun 2019
    1. ტესტის ოთხივე ნაწილის გავლა 26 მარტიდანაა

      test 4

    2. შეფასებისა

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  7. May 2019
    1. Conceptually, our working metaphor is that we “deal a hand” of sentence starters, though we don’t render that visual idea literally in the interface. Students “play a card,” choosing one challenge to tackle with their peer’s response. Inspired by the physical metaphor, we experimented with the notion of “scarcity”—perhaps once a sentence starter is used once, it can’t be used again, or perhaps particularly odd sentence starters appear occasionally. We can also vary the distribution of “cards” with students’ proficiency, pushing for more nuance or precision when appropriate.

      Although this metaphor looks pretty, it brings it's borders. Thinking is not a card game

    2. Building complex reasoning skills online through open-ended activities

    1. Why Speak If You Don't Need to? The-Case for a Listening Approach to Beginning Foreign Language Learning.

  8. Sep 2018
    1. Students shouldn’t have to wait until their adulthood to pursue open-ended problems and improve their ideas through discourse with others.

      Learning by doing + opportunity to participate in social life

    2. While students do receive replies from their peers in this phase, our model doesn’t rely exclusively on peer feedback to help students learn. In fact, our observations and interviews suggest that the act of effortfully writing replies to others’ work is more reliably helpful than receiving replies from others. Peer feedback is sometimes helpful, of course—but even when it’s not, those replies are still quite important for student engagement. Students tell us they take the activity more seriously because they know their classmates will be reading them.

      The act of creating, writing response

  9. Aug 2018
    1. თანამედროვე საზოგადოების საკმაოდ სწრაფი ეკონომიკური, ტექნოლოგიური, კულტურული და სოციალური ცვალებადობა მოითხოვს ცოდნის მუდმივ განახლებას, ამიტომ სკოლის მნიშვნელოვანი ამოცანაა, მოსწავლეებს განუვითაროს უნარები, რომლებიც დამოუკიდებელ სწავლას უწყობს ხელს.

      იქიდან რომ ცოდნის მუდმივად განახლება არის საჭირო, თავისთავად არ გამომდინარეობს ის რომ მოსწავლეს დამოუკიდებლად სწავლის უნარები უნდა განუვითაროთ.

      აქ თითქოს გამოტოვებულია კიდევ ერთი დაშვება – სკოლა ვერ ახერხებს მოსწავლეს მისცეს ეს ახალი ცოდნა ისეთ ტემპში, როგორც ამას მოსწავლე დამოუკიდებლად შეძლებს. ამიტომ საჭიროა დამოუკიდებლად სწავლის უნარები.

  10. Nov 2017
    1. In order to fully support each and every individual learner, we must ensure that new approaches are based on what we know about how learners vary.

      In order for it be fully, it should consider also how learners are similar.