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  1. Sep 2018
    1. The epub:type attribute [ContentDocs32] is REQUIRED

      Discerning the available values of epub:type is a tangle... The referenced epub:type related section in the ContentDocs32 document references the Vocabulary Association paragraph which in turn references the Vocabulary Association Mechanisms section within this current document. From that section the default vocabulary can/may be found, but there is no reference there (or in any of these other sections) to the available epub:type values nor to their "meaning"/value to the author or implementer.

      However, just below this in the example (and above in relation to pagebreak there is a link directly to the defining defaults in the EPUB-SSV.

      It would be helpful for authors and implementers to know first about the SSV list, and then about the ability to extend the vocabulary.

    2. The page-list nav element SHOULD contain only a single ol descendant (i.e., no nested sublists).

      If this SHOULD is not heeded...what happens? How is the page list calculated if there is a hierarchy present?

    3. Each list item

      Reference the li element here for consistency.

  2. Nov 2017
  3. Oct 2016
    1. Federal legislation now working its way through Congress would provide $5 million in grants annually for five years to tribes, tribal organizations, public schools, and other entities to establish Native-language immersion classes from preschool through college—a much-needed infusion of funds to educate Native learners. “

      working hard to improve from a higher level

  4. Oct 2013
    1. It is sufficiently clear, I think, that this eloquence calls passionately upon women to avoid tampering with their appearance by deceitful arts, and to cultivate modesty and fear.

      I find this interesting that he chose this passage because earlier Saint Augustine explained that using appealing rhetoric was necessary to get ones point across. Could this not be true of women to?