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  1. Jul 2024
    1. I would really argue there hasn't been a better time to make music and there hasn't been a better time to consume and listen to music

      for - question - Is music worse because entry level is lower? - Musicians response - Bernth's response

  2. Jun 2024
  3. May 2024
    1. Erschienen: 2024-05-17 Genre:: Studienbericht Selbst in einem optimistischen Szenario (44 cm Meeresspiegel-Anstieg) werden bis 2100 mehr als ein Drittel der Feuchtgebiete in der Nähe der Mittelmeerküsten überschwemmt sein. In der Camargue ist das Wasser bereits um 15 cm gestiegen. Möglich sind in diesem Jahrhundert bis zu 1,61 Meter Anstieg. Eine neue Studie erfasst systematisch die Folgen der globalen Erhitzung für diese besonders bedrohten und besonders schwer zu schützenden Lebensräume. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/biodiversite/en-camargue-la-montee-des-eaux-menace-le-paradis-des-flamants-roses-20240517_L6LRO3TY2ZD4FESAHWAWGA32YY/

  4. Apr 2024
  5. Mar 2024
    1. Die weltwetterorganisation WMO fast in ihrem Bericht über 2023 die Daten verschiedener Services zusammen und kommt zu dramatischen Aussagen über die Entwicklung der Temperatur auf der Erdoberfläche insbesondere insgesamt und besonders an der Oberfläche der Meere. Gleichzeitig ergibt eine Studie der BU Wien dass die Prognosen vieler, darunter großer starken über die Entwicklung der Emissionen deutlich zu optimistisch sind. https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000212370/weltwetterorganisation-zeichnet-duesteres-bild-vom-klima-des-letzten-jahres

  6. Feb 2024
  7. Jan 2024
    1. Web assimilation is the extent of organizational use of web technologies in facilitating e-commerce strategies and activities. Our definition focuses on the relative success of firms (as compared to other firms in the industry) in incorporating the Web technology into its e-commerce strategies and activities. This definition is consistent with perspectives on Type III IS innovations, with earlier treatments of IT assimilation at the organizational level (Armstrong and Sambamurthy 1999), and reflects our interest in understanding firms as innovation systems for attaining differential levels of technology assimilation success (Fichman 2001). We regard the level of assimilation to be one of the visible outcomes of the stream of structuring actions across the firm. Further, we anticipate the differential level of assimilation success across firms to be linked to the nature of the institutional enablers or the metastructuring actions within those firms.

      Definition and further explanation of the mean of Web Asssimilation.

    1. for - Rainbow body - Deep Humanity - superorganism - multi-level communication - adjacency between - contemplative practice - direct experience of body's cellular activity

      summary - Father Tiso and his catholic lineage combined with scholarship in Tibetan studies places him in a unique position for interfaith dialogue - His research interest in investigating the extraordinary and unexplained Tibetan meditation phenomena of Rainbow Body manifested by the greatest practitioners at the time of death (including contemporary ones) sheds light on the Rainbow Body phenomena in many spiritual traditions and challenges the scientific community to come up with an explanation for it. - If scientifically proven true, it offers an extraordinary possibility of human potential - Contemplation could be the practice technique that could directly bridge normal human consciousness with the microscopic world around us, which to date, is only accessible through scientific instrumentation.

      question - Does deep contemplative practice offers a direct access to the microscopic reality? - If so, how does it accomplish this direct communication with human cells, and indeed, even the universe itself? - Father Tiso shares centuries old recorded visual drawings of experiences reported by Rainbow Body practitioners and speculates whether these drawings represent direct experience of the cellular scale of our human form - Indeed, could it even be at the quantum level of experience, since rainbows are an optical phenomenal?

  8. Dec 2023
    1. SoNeC is a framework for citizen participation.
      • for: transition - at local level, community owned production cooperatives

      • comment

        • SONECs can provide the vehicle for rapid whole system change and transition at the local level
        • From SONEC neighborhood parliaments, a community can become more independent and production can be relocaized in the form of community owned cooperatives for:
          • energy
          • water
          • food
          • transportation
          • health
          • manufacturing
      • for: visualizations - sea level rise at 3 Deg C

      • comment

        • Look to canal cities like Venice or Amsterdam for inspiration because if it cities are salvagable, parts of them will become canal cities.
  9. Nov 2023
  10. Sep 2023
    1. ou certainly have a light cone that does not belong to any of your pieces
      • for: individual / collective gestalt, Deep Humanity, superorganism, multi-level superorganism, major evolutionary transition, MET, cognitive light cone, umwelt

      • paraphrase

        • a human being certainly has a light cone that does not belong to any of its pieces (ie cells)
        • at the conscious level of a human being, we have
          • goals
          • preferences
          • hopes
          • dreams
          • narratives
        • humans occupy spaces that do not belong to our individual cells, tissues or organs
          • those smaller parts work in
            • physiological space
            • transcriptional space
            • biomolecular space
        • When we were an embryo we worked in morphogenetic space
      • comment

        • Since MET implies that these smaller structures of which we are constituted like
          • cells and
          • sub-cellular structures like mitochondria
        • were descended from individual organisms long ago in deep history, those contemporary proxies are occupying their own umwelt
      • for: superorganism, multi-level superorganism, collective intelligence, individual-collective gestalt, Michael Levin,

      • title: Cell Intelligence in Physiological and Morphological Spaces

      • author: Michael Levin
      • date 2022
      • comment
        • This is a talk on collective intelligence in unconventional spaces
    1. From inert matter to the global society life as multi-level networks of processes
      • for: superorganism, multi-level superorganism, David Chavalarias
      • title: From inert matter to the global society life as multi-level networks of processes
      • author: David Chavalarias
      • date: Feb. 24, 2020
      • source
      • paraphrase: abstract
        • A few billion years have passed since the first life forms appeared.
        • Since then, life has continued to forge complex associations between the different emergent levels of interconnection it forms.
        • The advances of recent decades in molecular chemistry and theoretical biology, which have embraced complex systems approaches, now make it possible to conceptualize the questions of the origins of life and its increasing complexity from three complementary notions of:closure:
          • processes closure,
          • autocatalytic closure and
          • constraints closure.
        • Developed in the wake of the second-order cybernetics, this triple closure approach,
          • that relies on
            • graph theory and
            • complex networks science,
          • sketch a paradigm where it is possible to go up the physical levels of organization of matter,
            • from physics
            • to biology and society,
          • without resorting to strong reductionism. -The phenomenon of life is conceived as the contingent complexification of the organization of matter, until the emergence of life forms, defined as a network of auto-catalytic process networks, organized in a multi-level manner. This approach of living systems, initiated by Maturana & Varela and Kauffman, inevitably leads to a reflection on the nature of cognition; and in the face of the deep changes that affected humanity as a complex systems, on the nature of cultural evolution. Faced with the major challenges that humanity will have to address in the decades to come, this new paradigm invites us to change our conception of causality by shifting our attention from state change to process change and to abandon a widespread notion of 'local' causality in favour of complex systems thinking. It also highlights the importance of a better understanding of the influence of social networks, recommendation systems and artificial intelligence on our future collective dynamics and social cognition processes.
  11. Aug 2023
  12. Jul 2023
    1. Julian Huxley
      • Julian Huxley's biology work was to lay the seed of
        • how one individual organism transforms over many generations
          • into a new higher-level individual organism
        • he called this the "movement of individuality"
        • It has also come to be known as
          • major transitions
          • major evolutionary transition (MET)
          • evolutionary transitions in individuality
        • grandson of Thomas Huxley
        • brother of Aldous Huxley (Brave New World)
        • wrote The Individual in the Animal Kingdom (1912)
        • advocated for closed, independent systems with harmonious parts
        • endorsed gradients of individuality
        • "closure is never complete, the independence never absolute, the harmony never perfect"
  13. Apr 2023
    1. ot very many happy thingshappened in the lives of the three Baudelaire youngsters.

      Not strictly true. Plenty of happy things happen throughout the lives of the Baudelaire orphans. This series shows us that it's the little things that count. the grim nature of the series is part of the charm of it.

  14. Mar 2023
    1. Eine neue Modellierung der Witterung der globalen Erhitzung auf die Gletscher der Arktis i und Antarktis und auf ihreWechselwirkungen mit den Ozeanen ergibt, dass der Meeresspiegel bis Mitte der kommenden Jahrhunderts um anderthalb Meter steigen wird, wenn die Temperatur derbAtmosphäre um mehr als 1,8 Gerade steigt.

  15. Feb 2023
    1. As a result, the tax creditfor 2022 will be based on the 2021 federal poverty lines.2021 Poverty Lines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of ColumbiaFor families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,540 for each additional person (100% Poverty Line)Persons in family/household 100% Poverty Line 138% Poverty Line 400% Poverty Line1 $12,880 $17,774 $51,5202 $17,420 $24,040 $69,6803 $21,960 $30,305 $87,8404 $26,500 $36,570 $106,0005 $31,040 $42,835 $124,1606 $35,580 $49,100 $142,3207 $40,120 $55,366 $160,4808 $44,660 $61,631 $178,6402021 Poverty Lines for AlaskaFor families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,680 for each additional person (100% Poverty Line)Persons in family/household 100% Poverty Line 138% Poverty Line 400% Poverty Line1 $16,090 $22,204 $64,3602 $21,770 $30,043 $87,0803 $27,450 $37,881 $109,8004 $33,130 $45,719 $132,5205 $38,810 $53,558 $155,2406 $44,490 $61,396 $177,9607 $50,170 $69,235 $200,6808 $55,850 $77,073 $223,4002021 Poverty Lines for HawaiiFor families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,220 for each additional person (100% Poverty Line)Persons in family/household 100% Poverty Line 138% Poverty Line 400% Poverty Line1 $14,820 $20,452 $59,2802 $20,040 $27,655 $80,1603 $25,260 $34,859 $101,0404 $30,480 $42,062 $121,9205 $35,700 $49,266 $142,8006 $40,920 $56,470 $163,6807 $46,140 $63,673 $184,5608 $51,360 $70,877 $205,440

      FPL is based on year prior to tax year. Ex:- for 2022 tax year FPL table is 2021

    1. 2023 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of ColumbiaPersons in family/householdPoverty guideline1$14,580219,720324,860430,000535,140640,280745,420850,560 For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,140 for each additional person.

      federal poverty level (FPL)

    1. HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2023 The 2023 poverty guidelines are in effect as of January 19, 2023. Federal Register Notice, January 19, 2023 - Full text. The Poverty Guidelines API is now available with the 2023 data. Join our listserv to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding the poverty guidelines. 2023 POVERTY GUIDELINES FOR THE 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Persons in family/household Poverty guideline 1 $14,580 2 $19,720 3 $24,860 4 $30,000 5 $35,140 6 $40,280 7 $45,420 8 $50,560 For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,140 for each additional person. 2023 POVERTY GUIDELINES FOR ALASKA Persons in family/household Poverty guideline 1 $18,210 2 $24,640 3 $31,070 4 $37,500 5 $43,930 6 $50,360 7 $56,790 8 $63,220 For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $6,430 for each additional person. 2023 POVERTY GUIDELINES FOR HAWAII Persons in family/household Poverty guideline 1 $16,770 2 $22,680 3 $28,590 4 $34,500 5 $40,410 6 $46,320 7 $52,230 8 $58,140 For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,910 for each additional person. Resources Prior Poverty Guidelines and Federal Register References A chart with percentages (e.g., 125 percent) of the guidelines (PDF) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Poverty Guidelines and Poverty Poverty guidelines — gross or net income The poverty line for a state or city The number of poor people in a state or city How the poverty line was developed Further Resources on Poverty Measurement, Poverty Lines, and Their History ASPE research on poverty The Census Bureau's Poverty Home Page

      Federal Poverty Level (FPL) 2023

  16. Jan 2023
    1. there's a landlord tax the the  one percent in their day were the landlords you   have to tax away the land rent and make that  the public uh tax base not income not taxes on   consumer goods not taxes on capital because you  want good capital investment you want fortunes to   00:45:07 be made in a good way that add to the economy's  productivity you don't want them to be made in   a predatory bad way uh the whole fight to tax  economic rent and to even recognize that most   income is unearned when you talk about the uh  income disparity almost all this disparity is   unearned income it's economic rent it's not  income that's made by increasing uh production   00:45:33 it's not income that's made by increasing living  standards it's just predatory rent seeking from   special privileges that the wealthy have gained  from government and today it's not the landlord   class anymore as it was in the 19th century it's  the financial class and the raw materials class   uh and uh without dealing uh with this uh  cl structure i don't uh the system is going   00:45:57 to shrink and shrink and we've seen this before  we saw it in rome the same kind of polarization   and concentration of wealth in the roman empire  well the last stage of that is feudalism so we're   back to what rosa luxemburg said the choice is  between socialism and barbarism basically and uh   there's no other way to do it you can't  solve the problems within the existing system   00:46:23 because it's controlled already by the one  percent

      Micheal Hudson : tax the rent seeking class or face barbarism like in Rome - The situation today is degrading in the same way Rome degraded into feudalism - rent seeking class today is not the landlord class, but the financial and raw materials class that are making large fortunes from rent seeking - that is the system level reform necessary today

  17. Dec 2022
  18. Nov 2022
    1. Teachers’ Use of Technology in Elementary Reading Lessons

      -I will download this full article through EBSCO

      -This article will provide me with teaching strategies that use technology in elementary reading lessons.

      -rating 8/10

      McDermott, P., & Gormley, K. A. (2016). Teachers’ use of technology in elementary reading lessons. Reading Psychology, 37(1), 121-146.

    1. Elementary Teachers’ Views about Teaching Design, Engineering, and Technology

      This article will provide me with insight on the views elementary teachers have on design, engineering and technology.

      rating 8/10

      Hsu, M. C., Purzer, S., & Cardella, M. E. (2011). Elementary teachers’ views about teaching design, engineering, and technology. Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER), 1(2), 5.

    1. Elementary School Teachers and Teaching with Technology

      This article will provide me insight into teaching with technology at the elementary school level.

      rating 6/10

      Varol, F. (2013). Elementary School Teachers and Teaching with Technology. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology-TOJET, 12(3), 85-90.

  19. Oct 2022
    1. In a recent paper published in Nature Climate Change, scientists found that major sea-level rise from the melting of the Greenland ice cap is now ‘inevitable’ even if the burning of fossil fuels were to halt overnight. Using satellite observations of Greenland ice loss and ice cap from 2000 to 2019, the team found the losses will lead to a minimum rise of 27 cm regardless of climate change.

      A great example of the lag that large, complex systems exhibit when responding to significant input changes.

      Lag is something that humans are woefully weak at recognizing and understanding. This, and other systems concepts are what we need to add to the curriculum at all levels of education, to change this very significant shortcoming of "common knowledge".

  20. Aug 2022
  21. Jul 2022
  22. bafybeibbaxootewsjtggkv7vpuu5yluatzsk6l7x5yzmko6rivxzh6qna4.ipfs.dweb.link bafybeibbaxootewsjtggkv7vpuu5yluatzsk6l7x5yzmko6rivxzh6qna4.ipfs.dweb.link
    1. boredom, as it does not fully engage the attention, while a too difficult one produces anxiety, as theperson becomes afraid to fail. Only a task that is challenging enough will engender the level ofintense, but tranquil, concentration that characterizes flow. There are two ways to control thebalance between challenges and skills: changing the intrinsic difficulty of the task, and changing theperson’s ability to cope with the task. At first sight, balance could be achieved by proposing arelatively easy task at which the person is not particularly skilled. But a more advanced model seesflow as emerging from high skills applied to difficult challenges (Fig. 1). In this more complexmodel (Nakamura & Csikszentmihalyi, 2002), limited skills applied to limited challenges merelyproduce apathy, as there is not much to create interest.This means that a good mobilization system not only should present goals that are difficultto reach, but provide the additional abilities necessary to handle that difficulty. This is the “newskills” feature that characterizes a truly compelling technology: you will feel most stimulated to usea tool if it allows you to tackle challenges that you could not tackle without it—albeit in such a waythat its use is fully intuitive and transparent. Eventually, a good tool should start to feel like anaugmentation or extension of yourself—the way a stick extends the reach of your arm, a telescopeextends your vision, and a notebook extends your memory.

      Balance between difficulty of task and level of skills Task that is too easy produces boredom, too difficult produces anxiety. Flow state exists when the difficulty is balanced with the skill level.

      New technologies and processes are new tools that are exciting to learn because they allow us to engage old problems in novel new ways. When we innovate and solve problems using novel techniques, it increases our level of engagement and satisfaction.

    1. Realisable service level efficiency improvements could38reduce upstream energy demand by 45% in 2050.

      increasing service level efficiency can play a major role in reducing upstream energy demands.

  23. May 2022
    1. Principles of Shaping

      When we shape the work, we need to do it at the right level of abstraction: not too vague and not too concrete. Product managers often err on one of these two extremes.



  24. Apr 2022
  25. Mar 2022
    1. Capybara can get us part of the way there. It allows us to work with an API rather than manipulating the HTML directly, but what it provides isn't an application specific API. It gives us low-level API methods like find, fill_in, and click_button, but it doesn't provide us with high-level methods to do things like "sign in to the app" or "click the Dashboard item in the navigation bar".
    1. Each highlighted statement expresses political talking points aligned to induce trump-like support.

      Trump introduced new marketing and strategy, formulated using concepts and metrics mastered by Reality TV and Hollywood and then paired with advertising propaganda and "selling" techniques to create a "Brand". This is after-all Donald Trump, this is what he does, has done and is the only way he has found to make money. Trump built the "brand" (just barely) while teetering on self destruction.

      His charismatic persona became "the glue" that allowed creative narratives to stick to certain types of people in-spite of risk. Trump learned OTJ how to capture a specific type of audience.

      The mistake people make about Trump is assuming his audience to be "Joe Six-Pack", redneck's with limited education! This assumption does not have merit on its own.<br /> * There is a common "follower" theme among his audience that is exploited by those who: * Bought the "licensing rights" to the master-class Trump "how-to" course.

  26. Feb 2022
  27. Jan 2022
    1. Another company, Pietra, connects influencers with manufacturers in order to help them launch their own product lines.

      When manufacturers, like Pietra, help influencers manufacture their own product lines, we've taken another step from big celebrities having their own product lines (think Martha Stewart cookware and other lifestyle plays her company has made).

      This is splitting the difference between the Tupperware parties of old where you're empowering your users to sell your product and having celebrities sell your product.

      What is the next step along this evolutionary path of breaking down the sales funnel? Can it be disintermediated further?

      Another example of this are the thousands of small Etsy shops that are churning out products as intermediaries. An example of this is the proliferation of sticker companies that are selling somewhat custom designs for 2-3x the going rate and adding a rather large mark up for themselves. In this case there are at least some modest creative pieces being added in the value chain, but at what overall cost?

      Will everyone be a manufacturer? When does it all become Amway?

  28. Dec 2021
    1. After all, imagine we framed the problem differently, the way itmight have been fifty or 100 years ago: as the concentration ofcapital, or oligopoly, or class power. Compared to any of these, aword like ‘inequality’ sounds like it’s practically designed toencourage half-measures and compromise. It’s possible to imagineoverthrowing capitalism or breaking the power of the state, but it’snot clear what eliminating inequality would even mean. (Which kindof inequality? Wealth? Opportunity? Exactly how equal would peoplehave to be in order for us to be able to say we’ve ‘eliminatedinequality’?) The term ‘inequality’ is a way of framing social problemsappropriate to an age of technocratic reformers, who assume fromthe outset that no real vision of social transformation is even on thetable.

      A major problem with fighting to "level the playing field" and removing "inequality" is that it doesn't have a concrete feel. What exactly would it mean to eliminate inequality? What measures would one implement? To fix such a problem the issue needs to be better defined. How can the issue be better framed so that it could be fought for or against?

  29. Nov 2021
    1. Nuance and ambiguity are essential to good fiction. They are also essential to the rule of law: We have courts, juries, judges, and witnesses precisely so that the state can learn whether a crime has been committed before it administers punishment. We have a presumption of innocence for the accused. We have a right to self-defense. We have a statute of limitations.

      Great quote by itself.

      How useful is the statute of limitations in cases like slavery in America? It goes against a broader law of humanity, but by pretending there was a statue of limitations for going against it, we have only helped to institutionalize racism in American society. The massive lack of a level playing field makes it all the harder for the marginalized to have the same freedoms as everyone else.

      Perhaps this is why the idea of reparations is so powerful for so many. It removes the statue of limitations and may make it possible to allow us to actually level the playing field.


      Luke 12:48 states, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." Is this simply a statement for justifying greater taxes for the massively wealth?

    1. I created a social justice metaphor library to help explain concepts like why you can't just create a "level playing field" without acknowledging the economic impacts of history (see, even saying it like that is complicated).

      I love that Dave has started a list of these useful social justice metaphors.

      I got side tracked by the idea this morning and submitted a handful I could think of off the top of my head.

      • Baseball fence
      • Parable of the Polygons
      • Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

      I'm curious if there are any useful ones in the neurodiversity space? I feel like I need more of these myself.

  30. Oct 2021
  31. Sep 2021
  32. Aug 2021
    1. The rate of GMSL rise for 2006–2015 of 3.6 mm yr–1 (3.1–4.1 mm yr–1, very likely range), is unprecedented over the last century

      That's only for 2006-2015 period. So 许艺炜 & 胡修棉 is bullshiting when they write "自工业革命以来,全球海平面以3.6mm/yr速度上升(IPCC, 2019)"

  33. Jul 2021
  34. Jun 2021
    1. "Many North American music education programs exclude in vast numbers students who do not embody Euroamerican ideals. One way to begin making music education programs more socially just is to make them more inclusive. For that to happen, we need to develop programs that actively take the standpoint of the least advantaged, and work toward a common good that seeks to undermine hierarchies of advantage and disadvantage. And that, inturn, requires the ability to discuss race directly and meaningfully. Such discussions afford valuable opportunities to confront and evaluate the practical consequences of our actions as music educators. It is only through such conversations, Connell argues, that we come to understand “the real relationships and processes that generate advantage and disadvantage”(p. 125). Unfortunately, these are also conversations many white educators find uncomfortable and prefer to avoid."

    1. When we use a GraphQL API there are two kinds of errors we may encounter: Network Errors and GraphQL Errors from the API. Since it's common to encounter either of them, there's a CombinedError class that can hold and abstract either.
    1. In general, top-level errors should only be used for exceptional circumstances when a developer should be made aware that the system had some kind of problem. For example, the GraphQL specification says that when a non-null field returns nil, an error should be added to the "errors" key. This kind of error is not recoverable by the client. Instead, something on the server should be fixed to handle this case. When you want to notify a client some kind of recoverable issue, consider making error messages part of the schema, for example, as in mutation errors.
    1. For me the diagrams make it easier to talk about what the tests do without getting bogged down by how they do it.
    2. I’m going to add the API Server as an actor to my first test sequence to give some granularity as to what I’m actually testing.
    3. For features like websocket interactions, a single full-stack smoke test is almost essential to confirm that things are going as planned, even if the individual parts of the interaction are also covered by unit tests.
    1. How to test at the correct level?
    2. As many things in life, deciding what to test at each level of testing is a trade-off:
    3. Unit tests are usually cheap, and you should consider them like the basement of your house
    4. A system test is often better than an integration test that is stubbing a lot of internals.
    5. Only test the happy path, but make sure to add a test case for any regression that couldn’t have been caught at lower levels with better tests (for example, if a regression is found, regression tests should be added at the lowest level possible).
    6. White-box tests at the system level (formerly known as System / Feature tests)
    7. Black-box tests at the system level (aka end-to-end or QA tests)
    8. White-box tests at the system level (aka system or feature tests)