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  1. Dec 2019
    1. An ssh public key in a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file can have a command="" option which forces a particular command to be executed when the key is used to authenticate an ssh connection. This is a security control that mitigates against private key compromise. This is great when you only need to execute a single command. But if you need to perform multiple tasks, you would normally need to create and install a separate key pair for each command, or just not bother making use of forced commands and allow the key to be used to execute any command.
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  2. Sep 2019
    1. Only 1% of Americans rewrite their goals on a daily basis.Giving yourself even five minutes per day to orient your life in the direction of your goals is the difference between success and average.
    2. It’s easy to focus on the constraints of your circumstances rather than the power of your capabilities.
    1. Other consequences of present bias include procrastination or eating unhealthily, even though we promised ourselves we wouldn’t.
  3. Jun 2019
  4. Apr 2019
    1. All of us, but especially children, need … confidence that others will know, affirm, and cherish us. Without that we can’t develop a sense of agency that will enable us to assert: “This is what I believe in; this is what I stand for; this is what I will devote myself to.” As long as we feel safely held in the hearts and minds of the people who love us, we will climb mountains and cross deserts and stay up all night to finish projects. Children and adults will do anything for people they trust and whose opinion they value. But if we feel abandoned, worthless, or invisible, nothing seems to matter. Fear destroys curiosity and playfulness. In order to have a healthy society we must raise children who can safely play and learn. There can be no growth without curiosity and no adaptability without being able to explore, through trial and error, who you are and what matters to you.
    2. Securely attached kids learn the difference between situations they can control and situations where they need help. They learn that they can play an active role when faced with difficult situations. In contrast, children with histories of abuse and neglect learn that their terror, pleading, and crying do not register with their caregiver. Nothing they can do or say stops the beating or brings attention and help. In effect they’re being conditioned to give up when they face challenges later in life.
  5. Mar 2019
    1. Middle | Mid-level Managers

      Managing from the middle or managing up is an interesting term. Does anyone have goo resources on these phrases they can share?

  6. Jan 2019
    1. have the knowledge and skills to help navigate the hospital system, explain your diagnosis in detail, and explain potential outcomes.  We are also here to help decipher the information from doctor visits, set up meetings with care teams, and organize home care, and medications

      Using specialist in a field saves time, and ultimately saves lives.

    1. the help of others is necessary.

      The practice of self must include help of/from others.

  7. Nov 2018
    1. The Modern Stoicism movement traces its roots to Victor Frankl’s (Sahakian 1979) logotherapy, as well as to early versions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, for instance in the work of Albert Ellis (Robertson 2010). But Stoicism is a philosophy, not a therapy, and it is in the works of philosophers such as William Irvine (2008), John Sellars (2003), and Lawrence Becker (1997) that we find articulations of 21st century Stoicism, though the more self-help oriented contribution by CBT therapist Donald Robertson (2013) is also worthy of note. All of these authors attempt to distance the philosophical meaning of "Stoic"—even in a modern setting—from the common English word "stoic," indicating someone who goes through life with a stiff upper lip, so to speak. While there are commonalities between "Stoic" and "stoic," for instance the emphasis on endurance, the latter is a diminutive version of the former, and the two should accordingly be kept distinct.
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  11. Jul 2017
    1. ure is done by year and month a quicker route might be to just run the original wget command ten times, changing the folder each time

      I have tried changing the years in the 1880's and it keeps coming up with not found errors does any one else have this issue? I did get 1883 and 84.

    1. The students who exerted more self-control were not more successful in accomplishing their goals. It was the students who experienced fewer temptations overall who were more successful when the researchers checked back in at the end of the semester.

      Reduce the number of distractions you get better results.

    1. You will keep the fail log in a repository on Github

      Will you and others have access to our fail logs or is it for our own personal records? If others need access am I missing the step with how to connect with others?

  12. Apr 2017
    1. This hypothesis can be tested by comparing the average out-degree (number of dichotomized collaboration ties sent) of district- and school-level leaders.

      I have a background in quantitative statistics. The use of a t-test assumes normality of data. I know that normality does not matter for SNA, but is this particular section referring to a nonparametric test that works like a t-test or is it actually referring to the use of a t-test and just ignoring the assumption of normality?

    2. This section shifts the analytical lens to predict an individual actor's outcome, whether it is an attribute variable (e.g., a student's test score) or a structural variable (e.g., a teacher's betweenness centrality score), using relational data. For example: does a teacher's gender predict his or her influence (as measured by degree centrality)?

      Ok... So now this is making a little more sense for my own data. In my case, I could analyze the countries geographic loaction as an attribute varibale that predicts the probability of certain industries having multiple companies in a given country. Does this make sense?

  13. Feb 2017
  14. Sep 2016
    1. The smells of lemons, lavender and coffee have been shown to decrease a rapidly beating heart and regulate breathing patterns.

      ANXIETY HELP!!!!!!!!

  15. Jun 2016
    1. Сре́дняя температу́ра днём два́дцать два-два́дцать три гра́дуса, а но́чью гра́дусов оди́ннадцать.

      I do not understand this sentence at all.

    1. As a context, we must understand that there are four major types of these "technologies," each a matrixof practical reason: (I) technologies of production, which permit us to produce, transform, or manipulatethings; (2) technologies of sign systems, which permit us to use signs, meanings, symbols, orsignification; (3) technologies of power, which determine the conduct of individuals and submit them tocertain ends or domination, an objectivizing of the subject; (4) technologies of the self, which permitindividuals to effect by their own means or with the help of others a certain number of operations on theirown bodies and souls, thoughts, conduct, and way of being, so as to transform I themselves in order toattain a certain state of happiness, purity, wisdom, perfection, or immortality.

      It's great to ask what are the trends? How are we working on ourselves? Is their a role capitalism plays in what is currently being "valued"? Where's the profit?

  16. Apr 2016
    1. I clicked on the [note] iconbutton on the sidebar left edge, and it scrolled to the bottom of the annotation sidebar to offer me a place to enter my notes. My question is, What is this pointing to?

  17. Feb 2016
    1. by adding a line of JavaScript

      Which I did on a Jekyll site, hosted on github-pages.

      Everything works fine except when consulting the annotation on hypothes.is/a/xxxxxx, then the back-link to the annotated page is corrupted, with something like : ''domain.com/http://domain.com/post''

      Any help please ?

  18. Oct 2015
    1. Captain Shepherd then took up the histories which are used in the public schools of Baltimore, and protested that the children should not be taught that the South was wrong because unsuccessful. He asked that something be done to put aside “the cold and even hostile method of teaching the history of the Civil War in the school.” He appealed to the ladies to take up the question, saying that the men have been powerless to secure justice for the South and its leaders in the schoolbooks.[…]

      I'd be curious to learn more about how Baltimore City Public Schools addressed the history of slavery and the Civil War and how that changed over time.

  19. Sep 2015
    1. multiple mechanisms

      Do my best to understand in a general way some of the chemical bases for these pathways. Dr. Samuels possibly. Might get somewhere by looking up a few of the terms.

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