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  1. May 2024
    1. It is clear thatthis approach will bring some benefits

      Namely, less metadata.

      Perhaps it could be mitigated via metadata compaction on sync and snapshots to garbage-collect history.

  2. Apr 2024
  3. Nov 2023
    1. A subset of nodes, called miners, organize valid transactions into lists called blocks.

      Imagine a group of people using a digital currency like Bitcoin. In this group, some individuals have a special role called "miners." These miners are responsible for taking all the transactions (when people send or receive the digital money) that the group wants to do, and putting them together into groups called "blocks."

      Think of these transactions like a bunch of letters, and the miners are like mail sorters. They collect all the letters (transactions) and arrange them into envelopes (blocks). These envelopes are important because they help keep the transactions organized and secure.

      So, in simple terms, miners are like the organizers in a digital money system. They take the transactions and put them into blocks to make sure everything works smoothly and safely.

  4. Sep 2023
  5. Jul 2023
  6. Feb 2023
    1. From interactive tutorials to full-blown IDEs, build instant, interactive coding experiences backed by WebContainers: the trusted, browser-based runtime from StackBlitz.


  7. Jan 2023
    1. There’s a caveat that we’re aware of—while Hydrogen and App developers only require one runtime (Node), Theme developers need two now: Ruby and Node.

      Well, you could write standards-compliant JS... Then people could run it on the runtime everyone already has installed, instead of needing to download Node.

  8. Dec 2022
    1. Node.js is a platform for easily creating fast and scalable network applications that is built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that is designed to build scalable network applications... Because there are no locks, Node.js users are not concerned about deadlocking the process. Because almost no function in Node.js performs I/O directly, the process never blocks unless the I/O is performed using synchronous methods from the Node.js standard library. Scalable systems are very reasonable to develop in Node frameworks because nothing blocks them.

    2. Node.js is the best web development framework to use if you want to keep your developers motivated and your customers satisfied with the performance of your web app. To be on the safe side, hire the right Node js development company or an expert Node.js developer with a proven track record and experience.

  9. Nov 2022
  10. Oct 2022
  11. Aug 2022
  12. Jul 2022
    1. Since they are already using the Node toolchain for the front-end, developers from this track only needed to stretch a bit more to become “full-stack” engineers.

      Think about the irony of this.

  13. Jun 2022
  14. May 2022
    1. I’m gonna use Node!

      Reality: this has a lot to do with the problems here.

      Remedy: ignore the NodeJS toolchain bullshit[1], rip out the thing you're interested in, and stuff it into an ordinary page foo.hmtl.

      1. https://pg.ucsd.edu/command-line-bullshittery.htm[2]

      2. https://hypothes.is/a/22JaWMu5Eey2UvchosEz6Q

    1. To run it you need node.js installed, and from the command line run npm install once inside that directory to install the library dependencies. Then node run.js <yourExportedDirectory>

      Why require Node?

      Everything that this script does could be better accomplished (read: be made more accessible to a wider audience) if it weren't implemented by programming against NodeJS's non-standard APIs and it were meant to run in the browser instead.

    1. Here’s a super rough proof of concept Replit tiny library.

      There's nothing about this that requires Replit (or NodeJS, for that matter). The whole thing can be achieved by writing a program to run on the script engine that everyone already has access to—the one in the browser. No servers required.

  15. Feb 2022
    1. Currently you need to have Node and npm installed on your machine once this is done you can use it with the following command

      There's no real reason why Node/NPM should be required for this. You could dump the logic into a bookworms.html file and run it in the JS runtime that's already on someone's machine (their Web browser)...

  16. Jan 2022
    1. Season 2 of [[node club]] has begun! This week I took a little look at [[Agroecology]]. Some notes from [[Jayu]] on it helped me to form an initial gut feeling that [[I like agroecology]].

      This is amazing, thank you so much!

      I'll try to think of something for the upcoming week, but first I'll try to highlight/annotate your writings.

  17. Oct 2021
    1. How To Install Node.js on Ubuntu 20.04

      In this guide, we will show you three different ways of getting Node.js installed on an Ubuntu 20.04 server…

  18. Jun 2021
    1. Crypto node implementations
      • from : https://discord.com/channels/478735028319158273/790825713094754364/847518960814784582 The issue with just using webnative in nodejs is that e.g. the webnative.initialise function depends on a bunch of browser-specific features, e.g. window.location and its query parameters (for authentication after redirecting from the auth lobby). However, it's possible to skip that layer and try to build the filesystem yourself. We've recently done that to support writing tests for webnative in node. The remaining thing you need to do is make sure to replace the underlying crypto keystore stuff that would usually save to indexedDB with something else. We've implemented an in-memory version here:
  19. May 2021
    1. Local development and testing has huge advantages, but sometimes one needs to test web applications against their real-world domain name. Editing /etc/hosts is a pain however, and error prone. Node Foreman can start up an HTTP forward proxy which your browser can route requests through. The forward proxy will intercept requests based on domain name, and route them to the local application.
  20. Apr 2021
    1. All you need is an email address or phone number associated with an account and you will get a magic link or one-time password each time you want to log in. As soon as you click the link, you'll get redirected to the app and you'll already be logged in. After that, the magic link isn't valid so no one else can use it.
  21. Mar 2021
    1. Normally you should not register a named module, but instead register as an anonymous module: define(function () {}); This allows users of your code to rename your library to a name suitable for their project layout. It also allows them to map your module to a dependency name that is used by other libraries.
  22. Feb 2021
  23. Jan 2021
  24. Dec 2020
    1. node-sass may be faster than dart-sass, but as of writing this dart-sass is the only library which implements the @use rule, which is strongly recommended over @import. According to the official sass-lang website:
  25. Nov 2020
  26. Oct 2020
    1. 8devices has now entered the fray with Qualcomm IPQ6000/IPQ6010 powered Mango WiFi 6 system-in-module available in commercial or industrial temperature range, as well as as a development kit based on the module.

      8device is awesome and has made really good modules at a great price for a while now i love this company & their support is definitely on par.

      i can't wait for a less frigging ancient core but wow still a powerful offering. good wifi! huzzah: that's what this module offers. on package. wow. the chip has some good ok stuff. 2x 5Gbe. usb3. a lane of pcie3. not bad. seemingly the lane of pcie is after the dual onboard 802.11ax 2x2? cause that's what this is really about. some wifi io.

  27. Jul 2020
    1. In Turtle, fresh RDF blank nodes are also allocated when matching the production blankNodePropertyList and the terminal ANON. Both of these may appear in the subject or object position of a triple (see the Turtle Grammar). That subject or object is a fresh RDF blank node. This blank node also serves as the subject of the triples produced by matching the predicateObjectList production embedded in a blankNodePropertyList. The generation of these triples is described in Predicate Lists. Blank nodes are also allocated for collections described below. Example 15@prefix foaf: <http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/> . # Someone knows someone else, who has the name "Bob". [] foaf:knows [ foaf:name "Bob" ] .

      Equivalent to saying "something" or "someone" in English.

  28. Jun 2020
  29. Sep 2019
    1. ts-node enables you to execute TypeScript directly, just as you might execute JavaScript code using Node.
  30. Oct 2018
  31. Sep 2018
  32. Oct 2017
    1. healthcare roles, yet thereis a considerable amount of conversations from healthcare providers to average consumers,and from average consumers to media

      these are node attributes. I wonder how they derived them from twitter. Hopefully this will be spelled out in the methods.

  33. Sep 2017
    1. other network includes climate change deniers.

      What a great way of using SNA to compare two competing ways of knowing. How would you collect data to show the different flow of information through these networks? What what would you be looking for? What would the node be? The link?

  34. Jul 2017
    1. The npm client installs dependencies into the node_modules directory non-deterministically. This means that based on the order dependencies are installed, the structure of a node_modules directory could be different from one person to another. These differences can cause “works on my machine” bugs that take a long time to hunt down.

      This is why you should version control your package-lock.json.

  35. Mar 2017
    1. My idea of the consummate outsider is architect

      If he is an architect he is not really an outsider but he can be an outsider within a group - a possible point of connection to other groups....

    1. Star-hopping I start thinking about how I navigate the blogs, how I navigate Twitter, how I smile when I click on recognisable avatars.

      navigation. mapping nodes

    2. to my students (they are unaware of that for the moment unless the one Tweep has done his job for the masses and sent it viral in Clermont Ferrand STAPS).

      connection individual witness

  36. May 2016
    1. [Service] ExecStart=[node binary] /home/srv-node-sample/[main file] Restart=always StandardOutput=syslog StandardError=syslog SyslogIdentifier=node-sample User=srv-node-sample Group=srv-node-sample Environment=NODE_ENV=production [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target
  37. Jun 2015
    1. Simply: require('child_process').spawn('vim', ['test.txt'], {stdio: 'inherit'}); If there is nothing left in the Node.js event loop when vim exits, then node will exit automatically as well. Or, if you need to guarantee node will exit when vim does: var vim = require('child_process').spawn('vim', ['test.txt'], {stdio: 'inherit'}); vim.on('exit', process.exit); As for closing the node application before vim exits, that's not really possible because vim inherits standard input/output/error streams from the spawning process (node) which are destroyed when node exits.