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  1. Apr 2020
    1. Both SCL and SDA lines are open drain I/Os. They should be connected to external pull-up resistors (e.g. Rp = 10 kΩ).Important notice:in order to correctly select I2C as interface, the interface select (SEL) pin must be pulled to GND before or at the same time the sensor is powered up.

      Are they grounded already...SCL corresponds to cable 2 and SDA cable 3

      refer to placement: https://hyp.is/Xz22oHkGEeqQGeNAv2Jknw/github.com/brannow/sps30

    2. 3Hardware Interface Specifications

      This is showing the description of each pin?

  2. Feb 2020
    1. PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor and Breadboard Adapter Kit - PMS5003

      I thought that i would look around some more for a chaper version than the one that i went and spent $50 on, and if this is a better sensor then i can always return it through amazon.

  3. Jan 2020
    1. 2.1: FlowCharts and Python

      Do we need to create a separate .doc for the critical thinking questions or do we need to add them to the homework assignment?