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  1. Aug 2023
    1. Brander and Joel started building Subconscious, a local-first decentralized note-taking app. They began with the protocol that would power the app - Noosphere. Noosphere is permissionless and open source, like HTTP or IMAP; anyone can build on top of it

      If this is a 'return to the web' as stated then why a new protocol? The web already has its protocols. Creating your own for your app and saying well if the app goes the protocol is still there for you to build your own is exactly what silo's like Evernote also did (there's always our own xml-based export format, you're not locked in, and they actually are not wrong).

    2. Furthermore, since these centralized apps are walled gardens, your friends and connections are left behind, leaving you missing out on the social aspect of shared note-taking.But the web wasn't always this way.

      Non sequitur: centralised apps <> the web. Evernote isn't on the 'web', Notes idem, Obsidian idem. The step to 'friends and connections' is a sudden thing thrown in. It's not a given you would want 'social' affordances for your notes.

  2. Aug 2021
    1. used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group.

      subconscously we are all underneath these norms and standards, and it promotes white supremacy thinking and we're not aware of it...(Laila)

  3. Oct 2020
      1. The best projects start with goals and plans.
      2. The subconscious has so much to do with success.
      3. Our subconscious decides whether to accept something into our awareness based on something called "Hot Goals".
      4. From this udemy course, I will learn how to set goals with the MOMA subconscious method, by which I convert what's not working for me into a HOT GOAL.
      5. Achieving hot goals is the means of the subconscious mind to keep you safe even if it isn't necessary.
      6. If your goals have to become hot goals then, your conscious goals must translate to subconscious goals.