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  1. Apr 2019
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  3. Nov 2017
    1. UploadingaVideofromYouTube

      Kaltura does not actual upload YouTube videos. This might be better described as "Embedding YouTube in Kaltura".

  4. Oct 2017
    1. Embed
    2. Usesecureembed.MediaSpaceentitlementsareenforcedonmediathatisembeddedinexternalsites.Whenembeddingrestrictedorprivatemediatoyoursitesandblogs,youwillbepromptedtoauthenticate(ifnotalreadyauthenticated).IfauserisauthorizedtowatchthemediaaccordingtotheentitlementsdefinedinMediaSpace,themediawillplay.Otherwise,amessagewillbedisplayedthattheyarenotauthorizedtowatchthemedia.

      Description of secureEmbed

  5. Aug 2017
  6. May 2017
    1. Is this forum closed for posting? How are students supposed to insert voice thread intros into this forum? I have been playing with Embed Audio, Embed Flash and nothing seems to work.

  7. Feb 2016
    1. by adding a line of JavaScript

      Which I did on a Jekyll site, hosted on github-pages.

      Everything works fine except when consulting the annotation on hypothes.is/a/xxxxxx, then the back-link to the annotated page is corrupted, with something like : ''domain.com/http://domain.com/post''

      Any help please ?