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  1. Jun 2022
    1. Diagrams as Code 2.0 • Simon Brown • GOTO 2021

      "long-lived documentation" - "Think about diagrams as 'disposable' artifacts"

      https://c4model.com/ C4 Model - model for visualizing software architecture; hierarchal dataset; Diagrams as abstractions, differing levels of technical details; think of it as zooming into maps at different levels * Level 1: Context * Level 2: Containers * Level 3: Components * Level 4: Code

      Product Comparisions - Working with the DSL (Lite v. CLI v. DSL Editor): https://structurizr.com/help/dsl - Product offerings (Lite v. Cloud v. On-premise): https://structurizr.com/products

      The DSL is rendering tool agnostic

      Diagrams as code 1.0 - PlantUML, Mermaild, etc are input formats

      Diagrams as code 2.0 - PlantUML, Mermaild, etc are output formats

      Checkout: - Online REPL: https://structurizr.com/dsl?example=amazon-web-services - DSL Guidance: https://github.com/structurizr/dsl/tree/master/docs/cookbook - Examples: https://github.com/structurizr/examples

  2. May 2022
    1. Code vs Codeless * Underlying Code (Element Locator) vs Visual Layer (Pixel-Matching) * Specialized vs General Knowledge * Limited vs General browser support

    2. Nice Features: * Resusable test steps * Assertion flexibility (exact or partial matching) * Video replay (pass or fail) for archive/debugging, etc. * HTTP and/or browser logs * Failed step and screenshot

    3. Some Test Scenarios: * Single or multi-browser testing * Downloading an app to the desktop * Installing browser extensions

  3. Apr 2022
    1. And since every action is cached, subsequent runs will be quicker

      since docker ppl created seems analogous to layers..also reminds me of how caching is done on Bazel to reduce need for rerunning stuff

  4. Mar 2022
    1. Actions can safely be shared and reused thanks to a complete package management system

      Github Actions-ish?

    2. Component reuse between pipelines is low, which causes fragmentation and a constant reinvention of the wheel

      Sounds a bit like Jenkins Groovy library and Jobs DSL plugin

  5. Feb 2022
    1. Handling State

      Instead of defining the type for complex objects in the useState template (i.e. const people = useState<{name: string, age: number}[]>([]) we can use a Typescript Interface to more cleanly define it

      ``` interface IState { people: { name: string, age: number }[] }

      const people = useState<IState["people"]>([]) ```

    2. Title: React with Typescript Crash Course Published: APR/2021 Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrKcJxF0lAU

    1. source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPb1bg1mVLg

      Intro: * Project-based approach * Core fundamentals * Not a tutorial

      See the companion modules in the link: https://www.engineeringwithutsav.com/roadmaps

      ...also recommendations for: * Data structure and algo books * Building good coding habits * Free resources

    1. Web Assembly (WASM) is an official W3C standard * Running apps on the web with close performance to native apps (i.e. Figma) * Compile target for other languages to run on modern Browsers (.wat -> .wasm) * Code can also be written using AssemblyScript

    1. https://youtu.be/qR0yFSpcXrc?t=431 "Look for opportunities while you still have a job...that way you can be INTENTIONAL in the opportunities you take NEXT!"

  6. Jan 2022
    1. Top Tech Trends For Web Developers in 2022 Jack Herrington https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk5JvHGFv3A


      • AI Coding tools
      • Lightweight Frameworks
      • Classic Frameworks
      • WebAssembly
      • Headless UI Libraries
  7. Dec 2021
    1. Module #1: String manipulation and formatting Module #2: Hash tables Module #3: Stacks (Push, Pop) Module #4: Queues (LIFO, FIFO) Module #5: Linked Lists (when you don't know the size of array) i.e. chrome tabs Module #6: Recursion Module #7: Binary Search (ordered list) Module #8: Trees (storing data in hierarchy structure) Module #9: Graphs i.e. traveling salesman Module #10: Final Project

    2. Overview:

      1. Companion modules
      2. Programming Language + Code Editor
      3. Basic Programming Knowledge (loops, conditional, functions, classes, etc.)
      4. Learning Resources
      5. Leetcode
      6. The Right Mindset (fail and try again, building key characteristics to thrive)
  8. Nov 2021
    1. For those searching for why they can't edit a file with "@" or "+" at the end of it on mac osx

      to remove the metadata attribute @ sign in "-rwx--x--x@"

    1. [2020] Basics of Module Bundlers for web development

      • Provides a number of uses, most commonly used to compile multiple .js files into a single file for browser to load when users visit a website
      • Terms: Code Splitting, Loaders, Plugins, Dev Server
      • Bundlers: Webpack, Rollup, Parcel, Snowpack
      • Snowpack - only rebuilds files that have changed vs. rebuilding the entire project
  9. Aug 2021
  10. Mar 2021
    1. Experienced teachers, mentors, fellow students, or colleagues that have some experience, have solved such problems before, and can give advice
      • StackOverflow
      • Reddit
      • StackShare
      • Social Media (twitter, youtube, instagram)
    1. who is considered to have been the world's first computer programmer?

      Countess Ada Lovelace, mathematician worked with Charles Babbage

  11. Feb 2021
    1. Dev Environments Built for the Cloud.


      • 50 hour/month
      • Public Github projects

      Reference #1

    1. TL;DR for developer documentation - a ridiculous collection of cheatsheets

      Example github page, centered around markdown files to create cheatsheet notes

    1. [pub_2021] 5 important concepts

      1. Equality == vs. === (primitives, object "mem ref")
      2. Async JS (callbacks, promises, async/await)
      3. Error Handling (try..catch, writing defensive code)
      4. ES6 Syntax (destructuring, spread operator, string interpolation)
      5. Array Methods (map, filter, reduce, sort, some, every)