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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Wanted to find ways to build credibility for people who's looking for a job for the first time, but only useful information for that regard is to research to familiar yourself to an industry.

    1. It was a mistake that I didn’t write my two years of blog posts with the intention of helping people do better in their everyday lives.

      Why is it a 'mistake'? Isn't it just a different direction of writing blog posts? Maybe it was different from initial purpose?

  2. Aug 2020
    1. Point72 is among the hedge funds scrambling to find alternative data sources after the day-trading app Robinhood decided to stop providing data on which stocks are most popular on its platform, according to people with direct knowledge of its outreach.


  3. Dec 2019
    1. 3. Doesn’t distract you with ideas that you can’t execute

      Often this is the case that make me digress.

      I am trying to catch thoughts as much as I can because often, unfinished or uncaught ideas remain strong in my memory and catch my attention.

    1. 4 kinds of notes

      • Fleeting Notes
      • Literature Notes
      • Permanent Notes
      • Project Notes

      Organizing them are critical in notes. To do so you need a central system. So far, this is how it works with me:

      Literature Notes - Use either Kindle (while reading a book)

      Fleeting Notes - Custom Shortcuts (while on the phone) , custom Keyboard Maestro script (while on the mac). Also RoamResearch to see connection between ideas!

      Permanent Notes - Not yet made... Maybe I can use TiddlyWiki? or Notion?

      Project Notes - Devonthink

      And I sync all of them to the central notes folder present in document folder in the mac which is indexed by Devonthink.

      I guess this annotation itself is a literature notes.

    2. Short feedback loops

      Making an Anki note can be considered as making a permanent note as well