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  1. Sep 2023
    1. In fact, it's very easy to perform the epoche
      • for epoche - enlightenment, epoche - ease of performing
      • comment
        • the epoche is easy to perform
        • whereas it appears from the philosophical considerations difficult to perform
        • is it analogous to enlightenment, where the perception of it's difficulty is what makes it difficult?
  2. Jul 2023
  3. Feb 2023
    1. Overall, the web page is easy to use. I can easily schedule an appointment, and navigating the tabs is simple. I went ahead and tried the web page on my mobile device as well, and it was just as easy. I also went through to try and book an appointment and that was fairly simple also, although some people may not know which type of appointment is best for them. A brief summary of the different types of treatments would be beneficial.

  4. Oct 2021
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  7. Mar 2021
    1. “Follow your blisters” implies something that you come back to so many times that you eventually move past the blister stage, into toughened skin. Eventually, the activity “marks you” through use and practice, and you develop a special competence. When you practice an activity a bit more obsessively than other people, you build unique character – you earn some wear and some healing that makes you idiosyncratic, and a little unbalanced.It is something that you don’t need to put on your to-do list, something you care enough about to return to repeatedly, even though it causes discomfort. Over time, you develop a layer of protection that enables you to do that something more easily.
  8. Dec 2019