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  1. Jul 2020
    1. We need to teach youth to fish for mentors and we need to stock the pond with more mentors.

      I like this analogy

  2. Nov 2019
    1. Pre-service teachers can benefit from the use of simulations that reproduce classroom environments, student behaviors and profiles, and academic outcomes to guide their craft as educators. In this text, simSchool is briefly evaluated by student teachers to determine its usefulness. While the study had significant limitations of volunteer test subjects in a one-time usage of the tool, simSchool still was given some high marks for it's purpose and realistic depiction of student profiles and classroom environment. Finding suggest simulations like simSchool can continue to improve and with long-term use, would be effective at developing skills for educators. Rating: 8/10

  3. Jul 2019
    1. I found a mentor and a guide,

      In your development as a teacher, who has played or is playing the role of mentor or guide?

  4. Feb 2019
    1. Learners need support from peers and mentors to persist through setbacks and challenges

      We can help to guide our students through their mistakes ad hardships by being supportive and encouraging. Building a positive relationship with them is very meaningful and lucrative to setting up their learning environment.

  5. Feb 2017
    1. But there is nothing worse than someone committing to help you and then making you feel like you are an annoyance.

      This would absolutely be awful!

    2. Unfortunately two mentors I had very early on in my business life had interest in my business for their own benefit, whether it be to use our services for free or at a discount or to potentially buy my business.

      Definitely a no no when it comes to mentoring!