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    1. Wouldn't it be easier to do a squash merge instead? git merge --squash [branch] Like comment: Like comment: 1 like Like Comment button Reply Collapse Expand Brack Carmony Brack Carmony Brack Carmony Follow Joined Jan 3, 2022 • Jan 3 Dropdown menu Copy link Hide Report abuse It would, if the assumption that every commit in the chain is what you want, this lets you keep the power of the rebase available if you want to cherry-pick commits or any of the other crazy features it seems to let you use.
  3. Apr 2022
    1. Note that since the directory is ignored, the required adapter can instantiate another loader to manage its subtree, if desired. Such loader would coexist with the main one just fine.
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    1. It's worth noting that an error can coexist and be returned in a successful request alongside data. This is because in GraphQL a query can have partially failed but still contain some data. In that case CombinedError will be passed to us with graphQLErrors, while data may still be set.
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    1. Or if you need to change the way the string is assembled, you can provide a proc, for example: if defined?(BetterErrors) BetterErrors.editor = proc { |file, line| "vscode://file/%{file}:%{line}" % { file: URI.encode_www_form_component(file), line: line } } end
  11. Jan 2021
    1. that it’s a career path rather than a category of activities. In my conversations with people, it seems that people who consider themselves Data Scientists typically have eclectic career paths, that might in some ways seem not to make much sense.”

      Data science can be a tricky field because it can be used for so many different things such as sports, business, healthcare, etc. which makes it a very flexible option as well.

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    1. Can I use the title attribute?Yes. The content prop can be a function that receives the reference element as an argument and returns a string or element.tippy('button', { content(reference) { const title = reference.getAttribute('title'); reference.removeAttribute('title'); return title; }, });The title attribute should be removed once you have its content so the browser's default tooltip isn't displayed along with the tippy.
    1. Headless: With React's DOM rendering for improved usage with CSS-in-JS and spring libraries. If you want greater control over your poppers to integrate fully with design systems, this is for you.
    1. We can make content a function that receives the reference element (button in this case) and returns template content:
    2. You can pass the element itself, which is useful for keeping event listeners attached (or when a framework is controlling elements inside):
    3. Allows you to separate the tippy's positioning from its trigger source.
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