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  1. Oct 2020
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  3. Feb 2020
    1. Two Miami people can make more noise greeting each other in an elevator than the entire city of Des Moines makes on New Year’s Eve.

      More exaggeration to emphasize his point. A common strategy of Barry.

    2. my primary responsibility as a soccer dad was to stand on the sideline with the other parents and shout “Sophie, kick the ball!” several hundred times per game.

      Barry develops a sort of hyperbole effect by making his position as a parent on the sidelines sound more important and arduous than it really is. This humor is poking fun at soccer parents, but also builds an understanding between Barry and his audience.

  4. Sep 2019
    1. A 95 percent opt-out rate was a resounding success. It rivaled election results in Turkmenistan.

      Wow. That's an incredibly long reach to make an incendiary point.

  5. Nov 2018
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      If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;

  6. Oct 2018
    1.    No tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move;

      At this point in the poem, More has begun to cry. John Donne is trying to comfort More by telling her not to cry or sigh because it would "cause" floods and storms that would only make his journey more difficult. This is showing the idea of a Petrarchan woman. A Petrarchan women is a lady who is able to control the power of her lover through her emotions. He is saying that More's love for him is so powerful that it can actually cause physical disasters , so if she begins to grieve his death it will actually cause his death. This is also an example of a hyperbole.

  7. Oct 2017
    1. Climate change might be worse than thought after scientists find major mistake in water temperature readings The sea was much colder than previously thought, the study suggests, indicating that climate change is advancing at an unprecedented rate

      This title and subtitle are totally misleading. The question of whether or not some (and I stress some because this only affects one proxy, not the others that suggest warm temperatures) temperature estimates were wrong has no bearing at all on the rate of current climate change.

  8. Jan 2017
  9. Feb 2014
    1. The Phantom Edit had done something that would have been unimaginable a decade earlier. One creative individual took Hollywood’s finished product as raw material and extracted from within it his own film. So

      unimaginable in 1989, really? nobody ever re-cut up existing film before then.

  10. Nov 2013
    1. How far this oversteps the canons of certainty!

      This might be one of my favorite lines in this entire work. A great Nietzchan assertion of hyperbole.