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  1. Feb 2020
    1. hrough her narrative, we are only able to hear Roxana’s thoughts and we are only able to know the story through her interpretation.

      I appreciate the full analysis of why Defoe used monologue as opposed to a direct dialogue.

    2. she uses several hyperboles

      I'd like to see an analysis of at least one more of the hyperboles used in the passage.


      I would like to see more on the general thematic content that is meant to be in this paragraph.

    4. At first she comes out with the blatant statement of murdering Susan. But as Roxana is hesitant, Amy tries to rationalize her plan for Roxana saying that if Susan were her own daughter, she would murder her a thousand times.

      This feels like mostly summary and feels somewhat out of place amidst the rest of your analysis.

    5. at this point it is hard to tell if Amy is even making a comparison

      I enjoyed the acknowledgement of the ambiguity and how that impacted the meaning of the text. This added new, deeper meaning to the metaphor as it is used.