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    1. Seit dem Pariser Abkommen finanzierten die 60 größten Banken 425 fossile Großprojekte - sogenannte carbon bombs mit einem zu erwartenden CO2-Ausstoß von jeweils über einer Gigatonne - mit insgesamt 1,8 Billionen Dollar. Der Standard-Artikel geht auf ein Projekt zurück, bei dem Daten des Carbon Bombs-Projekts, des Global Energy Monitor und von Banking on Climate Chaos ausgewertet und visualisiert werden. https://www.derstandard.at/story/3000000193065/billionenkredite-fuer-fossile-grossprojekte-wie-banken-die-klimakrise-mitfinanzieren

      Bericht/Visualisierung: https://www.carbonbombs.org/

  2. Dec 2023
    1. you do need people who would take the discoveries and findings of Science and translate them into terms that will be accessible to the vast 00:54:05 majority of of the public and again if you don't have any scientists who tell the history of humanity then you will have people who have no regard for to 00:54:17 for science whatsoever doing I think a much much worse job telling the history of humanity
      • for: academic communication - need to translate to lay audience, science communication - need to translate to lay audience
  3. Jun 2023
    1. This analysis will result in the form of a new knowledge-based multilingual terminological resource which is designed in order to meet the FAIR principles for Open Science and will serve, in the future, as a prototype for the development of a new software for the simplified rewriting of international legal texts relating to human rights.

      software to rewrite international legal texts relating to human rights, a well written prompt and a few examples, including the FAIR principles will let openAI's chatGPT do it effectively.

  4. Dec 2022
    1. The scientific community is, thus, increasingly using technological tools including drones, recorders, robots and AI to study the calls of a range of species, from chickens and rodents, to cats and lemurs.
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    1. Augmented Reality can break down communication barriers – and help us better understand each other by making language visible. Google shows a preview of AR glasses yesterday that can translate speech in real-time. Although it's only a concept at the moment, the promise is incredible and underlines how #augmentedreality will increasingly & positively impact our daily lives.

  8. Jan 2021
    1. No hay personas sin interés. Sus destinos son como la crónica de los planetas. Nada en ellos deja de ser peculiar y los planetas son distintos unos y otros. Necesitamos un nombre para aquellos que aman la tierra en la que podemos encontrarnos unos con otros, Y si un hombre viviese en la oscuridad haciendo amistades en esa oscuridad, la oscuridad no carecería de interés. Necesitamos un nombre para aquellos que colaboran con su hermano Prometeo en alumbrar el fuego y en dar forma al hierro, pero que lo hacen para acrecentar así su capacidad de entender y cuidar y ser guardián del prójimo, sabiendo que para cada cual su mundo es privado, y en ese mundo la maravilla de un minuto, y en ese mundo lo trágico de un minuto, que son mis propios bienes.

      Toda la traducción del poema se ve bastante mal.

  9. Oct 2020
    1. Trajectory

      trajectory 轨迹

      the path that a object follows as it moves

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      Leveraging the power of the internet. Instant (basic) translation of text in 100+ languages using Google Translate, supporting a world of learners beyond English.