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  1. Aug 2017
    1. When Pf is increased, the whole Mohr circle moves to the left

      Devastating landslides reflect the effect of rain-induced fluid pressure increase in slope cover that equally lowers the normal stresses, leading to frictional instability. This is readily illustrated in a Mohr construction for stress, with frictional envelope (red) and principal stresses of the slope material before and after fluid pressure (Pf). When the Mohr circle meets the friction envelope, sliding occurs, as the maximum shear stress remains unchanged.

  2. Jul 2017
    1. Arrest lines

      Crack propagation occurs on all scales in space and time, including ice shelves. The video show stops in crack propagation that are commonly found as arrest lines on joint surfaces. Larsen ice shelf's leading edge collapse is a natural process, though this is a big one: http://psgt.earth.lsa.umich.edu/annotations/larsen.mp4.

  3. Aug 2016
    1. Select Language​▼

      Leveraging the power of the internet. Instant (basic) translation of text in 100+ languages using Google Translate, supporting a world of learners beyond English.

  4. Jun 2016
    1. annotation

      You can annotate as a single user (Post to Only Me), keeping notes private to you (of course, you would not see this note if I did so), to a Group (we use, PSGTusers) or to Public; the latter is visible to everyone.

    1. online annotation

      Beyond global access and pricing advantages of online publishing of "Processes in Structural Geology and Tectonics", flexible presentation, linking, add-ons and annotation are among the game-changers. Especially the latter, annotation, needs more development, but opportunities for user and community value-added are plentiful. We have opted to use Hypothes.is, which is free and open platform.

    2. Processes in Structural Geology and Tectonics

      "Processes in Structural Geology and Tectonics" combines fundamentals, observations and applications in a process-oriented approach to the study of lithospheric deformation.<br>