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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Conclusion In recent years, educational tablets and software have transformed education in South Africa. If you are looking to homeschool your child and know how children can learn effectively at home, an educational tablet is your best option. There are also offline educational tablets available in South Africa that can immensely help young kids learn better.So just grab an educational tablet for your child and get going!

      Is this the tablet Bianca mentioned? It sounds great but an entire tablet? I want to reach consumers on already owned devices. Edit no it's the one who expanded - they just launched english lit en are still launching afrikaans this year.

      Variety is the spice of life. I don't think there is room for only one application, personally I wouldn't have enjoyed those graphics as a child, not all children like the same things and learn the same way, so to address that we would need many different applications carering to different tastes.

  2. Apr 2022
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    1. Lakota Elder Arvol Looking Horse explains that ‘Star knowledge islike a mirror. The stars are up there, and we have the stars down

      here.’ This philosophical standpoint is understood in the Lakota/Dakota language with one word: Kapemni—‘As is above, so is below: What is in the stars is on Earth; and what is on Earth is in the stars.’

      The Lakota/Dakota language word Kapemni captures the idea that what is in the stars mirrors what is on Earth.

  4. Oct 2020
    1. your form is no different, you are just like me,

      Gilgamesh did not mean that He looks as Uta-napishti as appearance, he meant that you are same as me you have the same power as me. it means that i can be immortal as well.

    2. His hopes are destroyed

      Gilgamesh always have the dream to be powerful than every one in the Uruk city. and it leads him to challenge his soul to become immortal and live forever but he could not and finally he fails.

  5. Sep 2020
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    1. Let me disclose, 0 Gilgamesh, a matter most secret, to you 1 will tell a mystery of gods.

      Why Ut - napishti wants to give him the secret?

    2. Gilgamesh go without sleep for a week.

      Why Uta - napishti suggest him to sleep for a week?

    3. [ my friend, whom I loved so dear,] [who with me went through every danger,] [my friend Enkidu, whom I loved so dear,]

      This is how Gilgamesh express their friendship.

    4. 71 1. The Standard Version, Tablet IX [He] clad himself in their skins, he ate their flesh. Gilgamesh [dug] wells that never existed before, [he] drank the water, as he chased the winds. Sham ash grew worried, and bending down, he spoke to Gilgamesh: '0 Gilgamesh, where are you wandering? The life that you seek you never will find.' Said Gilgamesh to him, to the hero Shamash: 'After roaming, wandering all through the wild, when I enter the Netherworld will rest be scarce? I shall lie there sleeping all down the years! 'Let my eyes see the sun and be sated with light! The darkness is hidden, how much light is there left? When may the dead see the rays of the sun?'

      Gilgamesh seemed sad after the death of his friend Enkidu.

    5. The life that you seek you never will find.'

      Shamash was worried about Gilgamesh the death of Enkidu.

    6. of which the handle [was x minas] of gold, he provided for his friend.

      It shows the his friend Enkidu.

    7. o Enkidu, may the paths [of] the Forest of Cedar mourn you [without pause,] by day and by night!

      Message of Gilgamesh to Enkidu when he died.

    8. Gilgamesh [began mourning] his friend:

      It shows their friendship.

    9. '[My] mouth [that] cursed you shall bless [you] as well!

      being rude and kind in the same time.

    10. Come, Shamhat, 1 will fix your destiny,

      It shows the confident.

    11. In [your presence] I will pray [to Anu,] father of the gods,

      It shows that Sumerians believe in different gods.

    12. He has a second dream, in which he is dragged down to the Netherworld by the Angel of Death and granted a vision of hell.

      It shows that Sumerians believe to the life after death.

    13. She persuades Anu, her father, to give her the fiery Bull of Heaven (the constellation Taurus) so that she can punish Gilgamesh with death.

      Why she wanted to kill Gilgamesh, if she loves him?

    14. and Gilgamesh [carried] the head of Humbaba.

      Short, but main conclusion.

    15. 'My friend, Humbaba who guards the Forest [of Cedar-] [finish him,] slay him, [do away with his power,] before [Enlil] the foremost hears what we do!

      Enkidu trying to encourage Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba.

    16. Do not listen, my [friend,] to Humbaba's words,

      warning from Enkidu to Gilgamesh.

    17. ['0 mountain, bring me a dream, so I see a good sign!']

      It shows the the Sumerians culture, that they believed to the dreams.

    18. [who] knew ... , was wise in all matters!

      Was the author meant Gilgamesh?

    19. let [the days be] long, let the nights be short,

      A short expression of time.

    20. Who goes in front saves his companion, who knows the road protects his friend."

      Strong message

    21. His speech is fire, his breath is death

      What does the writer meant by the fire in his speech?

    22. (Gilgamesh) lets (no) girl go free to (her bridegroom) What the author meant by this sentence?

    23. (he was the vanguard) Gilgamesh was brave.

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    1. We’re working on that. The next supported browser is likely to be Firefox.

      Is there an appetite for an app perhaps? EndNote has one, and I use t a lot as part of my digital workflow as I move from phone to tablet, and sometimes desktop. It seems to me that to tether us to a desktop (even if it is a laptop) is becoming somewhat anachronistic these days.

      I'm also curious about how accessible hypothes.is is. Can you comment on that? I mean from a WCAG perspective.

  10. Mar 2016
    1. What about extensions for other browsers? We’re working on that. The next supported browser is likely to be Firefox.

      I'm writing this note in... Safari!

      I thought hypothes.is could only work with the Chrome applet.

      Still looking for a way to use hypothes.is from a tablet.

  11. Jan 2016