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  1. Sep 2020
    1. 71 1. The Standard Version, Tablet IX [He] clad himself in their skins, he ate their flesh. Gilgamesh [dug] wells that never existed before, [he] drank the water, as he chased the winds. Sham ash grew worried, and bending down, he spoke to Gilgamesh: '0 Gilgamesh, where are you wandering? The life that you seek you never will find.' Said Gilgamesh to him, to the hero Shamash: 'After roaming, wandering all through the wild, when I enter the Netherworld will rest be scarce? I shall lie there sleeping all down the years! 'Let my eyes see the sun and be sated with light! The darkness is hidden, how much light is there left? When may the dead see the rays of the sun?'

      Gilgamesh seemed sad after the death of his friend Enkidu.

    2. The life that you seek you never will find.'

      Shamash was worried about Gilgamesh the death of Enkidu.