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  1. Mar 2021
  2. Sep 2020
    1. In the old event-driven world, it wasn’t like that. As well as worrying about creating the views corresponding to those states, you had to consider the transitions between states — from a to b, a to c, a to d and so on — but also from b back to a, from b to c… until you end up with a combinatorial explosion of code paths. Now imagine we added a seventh state, or an eighth… and if your app only has 8 possible states then I envy you.

  3. Nov 2019
    1. it’s extremely common to find a bug that only happens if some certain combination of options are enabled
  4. Oct 2017
    1. In 1873, the Italian geologist and priest Antonio Stoppani suggested that our technologies, infrastructures, and patterns of land use had created fundamental changes in Earth’s systems, propelling us into what he called an ‘anthropozoic era’

      Note : Read over Article again by Will Steffen, Paull J Crutzen & John R McNeill. [] (https://www.pik-potsdam.de/news/public-events/archiv/alter-net/former-ss/2007/05-09.2007/steffen/literature/ambi-36-08-06_614_621.pdf)

      Explore development of Anthropocence. How do we track progression of Anthropocene? CO2 Emissions??