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    1. CodeGuard relies upon industry best practices to protect customers’ data. All backups and passwords are encrypted, secure connections (SFTP/SSH/SSL) are utilized if possible, and annual vulnerability testing is conducted by an independent agency. To-date, there has not been a data breach or successful hack or attack upon CodeGuard.
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    1. He and other SHM officials have pushed hospitalists for the past few years to formalize their HIT duties by seeing if they would qualify to take the exam for board certification in medical informatics, which was created in 2013 by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Between certification of that skill set and working more with technology vendors and others to improve HIT, Dr. Rogers sees HM being able to help reform much of the current technology woes in just a few years.
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    1. global technology firm with social and economic justice at its very core

      Social Justice Pillar.

      Global IT Solutions: Your Quality Solutions Partner.

      1. emphasis on partnership and collaboration
      2. technologies influencing client business decisions
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    1. hi there get the detailed Description on the MSBI Certification Processes and its application for the exam on its official site so get the Insights on that from the Certified trainer of MSBI


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    1. impact literacy

      I foresee a portable certification process for all kinds of professionals being available sometime very soon, especially after the first few iterations.

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    1. Right, well of course people don’t look up product information now because the government regulates that for them. In a real libertarian society, they would be more proactive.

      Most people don't care, or trust the big companies. I do that. I also think that the existence of some government regulation incentive companies to not sell poisoned food.

      On the other hand, there is certification, independent certification, and these are being used today and trusted by people today. It's reasonable to supposed independent certification would be much much greater in a libertarian world.

      Of course certification would not cover every field, every product and every possible problem, but neither does the State.

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    1. Khan Academy announces their goal to offer internationally-recognized diplomas.

      our long-term goal is to develop internationally-recognized diplomas that provide direct access to economic and educational opportunities.


      We will develop the diplomas in close partnership with educational institutions and employers to ensure relevance. In addition to academic skills, we will recognize metacognitive skills, like perseverance, not measured by traditional degrees. Unlike other offerings, we will track job placement and performance to measure the efficacy of the diplomas and continuously improve them.

  15. Jul 2016
    1. pay for certification if they wish to validate that learning externally

      In a world where education is free and certification is not… how much does certification cost? How much does it limit access to good jobs and institutions to those already possessing wealth?