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    1. The content is a good web accessibility example since the information is Robust. The Ontario web content is robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents.

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    1. à ce jour, il est impossible pour un étudiant qui suit un cours dans une université d’avoir des informations et de se renseigner sur le cours équivalent qui est donné dans une autre université.
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    1. (2) David Fisman on Twitter: “Here’s some really simple modeling that hopefully will help provide some insight into why having a large, unvaccinated minority in Ontario is a problem for the population as a whole.” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved August 23, 2021, from https://twitter.com/DFisman/status/1427940663925092354

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    1. The risk of false positive results increases as the pretest probability of COVID-19 decreases, such as in instances of low prevalence

      Samples that should have have resulted in a negative registered a false positive. However, an appropriately taken sample was likely to give a positive.

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    1. This includes investing heavily in regional campus-based programs at universities and colleges that are aimed at encouraging students to acquire business skills and launch their own companies.

      Speaking of “prescient”…

    2. If there’s one standout global trend pertaining to today’s young people, it is an embrace of entrepreneurship as both a career path and a way a life.
    1. Embracing an Entrepreneurial Culture on Campus go.nmc.org/uni(Tom Corr, University Affairs, 4 May 2016.) The Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs is gaining global recognition for its efforts to bolster students’ business skills through investing in multiple campus events and programs. For example, the success of Ontario Centres of Excellence has led to the establishment of similar innovation hubs throughout North America, the UK, Australia, and Asia.

      What’s fascinating here is that the province might be cutting a major part of the funding for the Ontario Centres of Excellence, particularly the part which has to do with Entrepreneurship Programs. (My current work is associated with Lead To Win, a Campus-Linked Accelerator out of Carleton University.)

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