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  1. Dec 2017
    1. impact literacy

      I foresee a portable certification process for all kinds of professionals being available sometime very soon, especially after the first few iterations.

    2. generated by research stemming back over the previous 20 years.

      There should be unique identifiers on various levels of participant inputs, so that things from REF2014 can be referenced unambiguously in REF2021.

    3. REF also stipulates precise measurement periods for the impact of research, broadly amounting to impact occurring in the seven years between assessments, generated by research stemming back over the previous 20 years. Impact however can take many years to achieve (Hughes and Martin, 2012) and reflections on the REF 2014 have thus raised concerns over short-termism

      I think the REF2021 should have a "check-in" section for assessing the "change in impact" of research reported in REF2014.

    4. disproportionately positive corpus of impact knowledge

      Does "positive" mean "benefits given through research"? Does "positive" also include "mitigation of negative effects"?

    5. Whilst commercialisation and technology transfer have become well-established practices globally since the passage of the US Bayh Dole Act in 1981, such unidirectional approaches cannot be simply replicated in non-commercial, socially complex settings

      Many times, the non-commercial, socially-complex setting is exactly the setting in which a particular commercialized technology is meant to be deployed!

    6. short-termism

      I've heard the term "tactical" used for short-term thinking and "strategic" used for long-term thinking.