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  1. Nov 2023
    1. // NOTE: The element exists on the original form but is hidden and gets rerendered, which leads to intermittent detached DOM issues cy.contains('Next').click().wait(4000)
    1. A few people even complained that my dissertation is too hard to read. Imagine that!

      To be fair: it's not an example of particularly good writing. As Roy himself says:

      ["hypertext as the engine of hypermedia state"*] is fundamental to the goal of removing all coupling aside from the standardized data formats and the initial bookmark URI. My dissertation does not do a good job of explaining that (I had a hard deadline, so an entire chapter on data formats was left unwritten) but it does need to be part of REST when we teach the ideas to others.


      I'm actually surprised that Fielding's dissertation gets cited so often. Fielding and Taylor's "Principled Design of the Modern Web Architecture" is much better.

      * sic

  2. Jul 2023
    1. Thermischer Stress bei Hitzewellen gefährdet die Ernten bei vielen Nutzpflanzen im Mittelmeerraum. Anders als Wassermangel lässt er sich nicht ausgleichen. Die Libération hat den Agroökologen Serge Zaka zu den Folgen der globalen Erhitzung für die Landwirtschaft und zur unzureichenden Reaktion der Regierungen befragt. Gefährlich für die Lebensmittelversorgung sei vor allem die Spezialisierung von Ländern und Regionen auf die Produktion einzelner Produkte.


    1. . The central 2050 estimate indicates that more than 35 per cent of the global cropland used to grow both these critical crops could be subject to damaging hot spells. But this vulnerability could exceed 40 per cent in a plausible worst-case scenario.
    1. Veränderungen des Jetstreams durch die globale Erhitzung können gleichzeitige Missernten in mehreren Regionen bewirken, die für die Weilternährung entscheidend sind. George Monbiot prangert die mangelnde mediale Aufmerksamkeit für eine Studie an, der zufolge das Risiko globaler Ernährungskrise weit größer ist als angenommen. Die politische Macht einer kleinen Gruppe extrem Reicher sei die Ursache für das dramatisch anwachsende Risiko weltweiter Hungerkatastrophen. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jul/15/food-systems-collapse-plutocrats-life-on-earth-climate-breakdowntopic: crop fail

    1. Das Natonale Klima-Anpassungsprogramm, das die britische Regierung in der vergangenen Woche vorgelegt hat, ist nicht nur unzureichend, sondern es ignoriert die Folgen der globalen Erhitzung. Themen wie Kühlung der Innenstädte, Umbau von Gebäuden oder Waldaufbau zum Gewässerschutz werden nicht angegangen. Bill McGuire, emeritierter Professor für Klimafolgen in London, kritisiert die Ignoranz der britischen Regierung im Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jul/20/government-plan-britain-extreme-heat-society-economy

  3. Mar 2023
  4. Oct 2022
    1. When interviewing subjects, one should not only note the date, time, and location, but get (preferably written) permission to (record) or quote them. Notes about their memory, recall, or behavior may be useful, if nothing else as a reminder for crossing checking their information with other potential sources.

  5. Sep 2022
    1. There is a still more barbarous method, whichneed not receive more than passing mention. Thisis simply to register documents in the memorywithout taking written notes. This method hasbeen used. Historians endowed with excellentmemories, and lazy to boot, have indulged thiswhim, with the result that their quotations andreferences are mostly inexact. The human memoryis a delicate piece of registering apparatus, but it isso little an instrument of precision that such pre-sumption is inexcusable.
  6. Feb 2022
    1. Markets are politically regulated institutional processes far removed from idealized, perfect competition, and prices are negotiated between small numbers of powerful brokers (84) involving hidden subsidies, e.g., for infrastructure

      Das Konzept des Marktversagens geht davon aus, dass Märkte ohne politisch/institutionelle Regulierunge funktionieren könnten.

  7. Jun 2021
    1. Thus, by adding system tests, we increase the maintenance costs for development and CI environments and introduce potential points of failures or instability: due to the complex setup, flakiness is the most common problem with end-to-end testing. And most of this flakiness comes from communication with a browser.
  8. Apr 2021
  9. Mar 2021
  10. Feb 2021
    1. You’re allowed to blame us for a terrible developer experience in Trailblazer 2.0. It’s been quite painful to find out which step caused an exception. However, don’t look back in anger! We’ve spent a lot of time on working out a beautiful way for both tracing and debugging Trailblazer activities in 2.1.
    1. Around 2 years ago I decided to end the experiment of “TRB PRO” as I felt I didn’t provide enough value to paying users. In the end, we had around 150 companies and individuals signed up, which was epic and a great funding source for more development.
  11. Jul 2020
  12. May 2020
    1. The test is being marked as skipped because it has randomly failed. How much confidence do we have in that test and feature in the first place.
    2. This policy allows the test suite to stay green while letting individual teams decide when they would like to put in the effort to write more deterministic tests. They may choose to do so right away, or delay until they work on the feature again.
    3. All tests that fail on the master branch will be considered flakes. These tests will be marked as skipped.