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  1. Jun 2017
    1. In the notation for “Angola,” furthermore, there are words presented to be sung: “Ho-baognion, Hoba, Hoba, Hoba-ognion.” In “Koromanti,” meanwhile, one phrase is included: “Meri Bonbo mich langa meri wa langa.”

      We would love any leads or ideas about how we might figure out what these lines mean, what language they are in, etc.

    2. Angola

      We have interpreted this piece as a call and response between the vocal line and the melody line. Are there other ways to interpret this? We also have not been able to identify what the vocal line means. We presume the language is Central African, but what language might this be? What does the word or phrase mean?

      During the Jamaica Musical Passage Workshop, Earl "Chinna" Smith heard a song called "Runaway" within this piece. You can see them interpret it here: