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  1. Mar 2019
    1. The Clockwork Quartet Chronicle

      The Clockwork Quartet Chronicle

    2. in: Comics and Graphic Novels, Media List of steampunk comics and graphic novels

      Great list of Steampunk Comics and graphic novels

    3. Figment
  2. Feb 2018
    1. *Where’s my bronzing stick?*

      I like how there's this very specific reference to a more stand out panel - found on page 16 of the physical book.

    1. Gunner L.J. Doyle who was sentenced to death by shooting after being convicted of murdering Lance Corporal M.W. Lambert on 6 November 1943 near Campobasso Italy.

      Capital case in Italy

    2. In May 1945, long after the 1st Canadian Corpshad been transferred to North-West Europe, there wereninety-four deserters listed at large in Italy

      94 deserters listed as missing in Italy after the army left for NW Europe.

    3. Judging this intent was up to regimental officers or those in the military courts.

      Judging the difference between AWL and desertion was the regimental officer's duty.

    4. While six soldiers in Britain were hangeddue to sentences from British civil courts, British judges generally tended towards leniency.180

      Six soliders were hanged in UK for crimes

    5. Care must be taken to discriminate between offences due to youth, temper, sudden temptation or unaccustomedsurroundings, and those due to premeditated misconduct

      King's regulations

  3. Jun 2017
    1. But true freedom from the tyranny of the line is perceived as only really possible now at last with the advent of hypertext, written and read on the computer, where the line in fact does not exist unless one invents and implants it in the text.

      Hypertext as opposite of "the line," the sentencem the novel, linear narrative.

  4. Apr 2017
    1. (Kohonen’s Self-Organizing Maps

      This is the novel innovation approach to network analysis that I will be discussing in my article review presentation

  5. Jul 2016
  6. Apr 2016
    1. Once upon a time,

      The beginning of this novel opens with an invocation to the fairy tale: "Once upon a time." What does an opening line like this one do to your expectations for the novel?

    1. As sociologists, we study and teach about women’s devalued place in society. But the stigma against the romance genre is so strong that even our background as scholars in the sociology of gender wasn’t enough to inoculate us against the stigma. If anyone was going to know better, it should have been us.

      Greyson and Lois establish the pervasive and deeply ingrained pejorative attitude toward the popular romance novel. Admit their own assumptions about the genre mirrored that of our culture.

  7. Jan 2014
    1. This exploration may itself lead to novel discoveries, but will also help the biologist better understand the quality and nature of the dataset, improving his or her ability to suggest analyses to computational colleagues.

      Exploration may lead to novel discoveries