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  1. Oct 2022
    1. historical tapestry includes threads of

      This means that many social and historical phenomena, such as the Great Migration of African Americans from South to North, etc. have contributed to the formation of the Near East community in Columbus.

  2. Apr 2021
    1. vaccination passes will not end the spread of Covid-19

      Is this what proponents say they are for? The focus is probably more on restarting social and economic life than on using passports to eliminate the virus.

    1. According to alternative social network Minds.com CEO Bill Ottman, freedom is the best policy.

      What is freedom? Freedom to speak or freedom to feel safe?

  3. Jan 2021
    1. How We Make Sense of Time

      Use this article along with Sing, Unburied, Sing to expand discussion of various spatial representations/ cultural conceptions of time.

  4. Sep 2019
    1. experimental treatment simply received more time and effort in its preparation and delivery

      This applies to many new ideas for instruction: flipped learning, blended learning, "active" learning: just getting people to think more about the instruction and to experiment with new modalities/ methodologies can be a prescription for success!

    2. Researchers rediscovered that there are no universal reinforcers.

      Does this mean that the human teacher is essential, or that only very sophisticated AI could implement truly effective PI? Or can students (or parents) be in charge of their own reinforcement?