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  1. May 2024
    1. For much of this poem's history, readers viewed Ulysses as resolute and heroic, admiring him for his determination "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield".[1] The view that Tennyson intended a heroic character is supported by his statements about the poem, and by the events in his life—the death of his closest friend—that prompted him to write it. In the twentieth century, some new interpretations of "Ulysses" highlighted potential ironies in the poem. They argued, for example, that Ulysses wishes to selfishly abandon his kingdom and family, and they questioned more positive assessments of Ulysses' character by demonstrating how he resembles flawed protagonists in earlier literature.

      Is Ulysses a heroic poem? Or, is it selfishness?

  2. Mar 2021
    1. Fexeel ba kër gi bañ ñàkk alkol.

      Veille à ce qu'il ne manque pas d'alcool à la maison.

      fexe+el (fexe) v. -- search/seek by all means.

      ba -- the (?).

      kër gi -- house; family.

      gi -- the (indicates nearness).

      bañ v. -- refuse, resist, refuse to; to hate; verb marking the negation in subordinate clauses.

      ñàkk v. / ñàkk bi -- vaccinate / vaccine (not sure exactly how this fits in the sentence if it's even the right translation -- perhaps it has to do with surgical alcohol rather than drinking alcohol).

      alkol ji -- (French) surgical alcohol. (I'm certain this is also used for the type of alcohol you drink -- but sangara is probably the most used term).


  3. Dec 2015
    1. RAJ: Good morning, Paul. I am glad to hear from you this morning. I know yesterday was a rugged day for you, as it also was for Susan.1 PAUL: I do not understand why it was necessary. However, I do not want to dwell on that level or in those feelings.

      Answer: to question of what Raj is up to when he tells Paul that Maitreya (Christ) will make himself known on March 14 (yesterday in the timeframe of this chapter).

      The footnote explains that Raj was making a point with Paul to not look outside himself for answers. They were expecting a life-changing announcement by a being revealing himself as the return of Christ. That's huge and Raj was playing them - telling them outright this was going to happen as proposed by Benjamin Creme.

      This could feel like total and deliberate deceit on the part of Raj. The teacher must really know what he is doing...

      The lesson - don't seek for answers outside of your Self.