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  1. Jun 2024
    1. I'm no longer truly an individual I'm always parasitic on this 00:13:10 larger relationship

      for - adjacency - symbolic language - no longer individual - parasitic on larger relationship - Deep Humanity - individual / collective gestalt

      adjacency - between - Terrence Deacon explanation of symbolic language - symbolic language - no longer individual but parasitic on collective - Deep Humanity - individual / collective gestalt - adjacency relationship - Deacon asserts that the successful use of symbolic language implies we are no longer truly individual, that is - isolated, but rather are dependent on the collective - The Deep Humanity praxis recognizes the same intertwingledness in defining the individual/collective gestalt

    1. Despite all the hand-waving, there are still no viable, scalable, truly renewable energy sources waiting in the wings

      for - question - no viable replacement for fossil fuels? - energy futures - deep geothermal

      question - no viable replacement for fossil fuels? - That may not be true - Deep geothermal may be the viable answer in the short-to-medium term and - nuclear fusion may be the solution on the medium term - https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=Deep+geothermal

    1. The Delivery Service cannot guarantee that application messages won't be dropped within the same epoch. To address this, applications can configure the maximum_forward_distance parameter of the SenderRatchetConfiguration. The configuration can be set as the sender_ratchet_configuration parameter of the MlsGroupCreateConfig
    2. The Delivery Service cannot guarantee that application messages will arrive in order within the same epoch. To address this, applications can configure the out_of_order_tolerance parameter of the SenderRatchetConfiguration. The configuration can be set as the sender_ratchet_configuration parameter of the MlsGroupCreateConfig
    1. if we just had a big enough spreadsheet we could get the data in and then we could get you know something like AI or some you know some other computational 00:12:32 process in to help us deal with all this complexity because our little brains can't handle it and my feeling about this is that 00:12:44 actually no

      for - adjacency - AI - Nora Bateson - solving wicked problems - no - Human Intelligence - HI - yes - @gyuri

  2. May 2024
    1. human Minds have to find a way to cope so that you can get that six to eight hours of sleep at night or whatever and there's a lot of evil things that people will accept just so they can get through the day

      for - key insight, adjacency - conformity bias - accepting evil - Russian citizen complacency - no protest

      adjacency, key insight - between - geopolitics - Russia Ukraine War - complacency - oppression - adjacency relationship - Just like how ordinary German citizens accepted the death of millions of Jews, the same thing is happening in Russia. - Millions of ordinary Russian citizens are just doing what they can individually to survive day to day - If that means accepting the death of hundreds of thousands of innocents, then that is the price they will pay - Putin's oppression is so brutal that individuals risk their lives if they put up any resistance or protest

    1. but limiting the conference to 7 or 8 participants given all the duplication of the sent video required. In Element Call Beta 2, end-to-end encryption was enabled; easy, given it’s just a set of 1:1 calls.

      I imagine having to transmit stuff to every peer would not work well for low-bandwidth devices.

      Also, complete connectivity graph is a LOT of connections.

      Additionally, given one channel fails - recipient doesn't see content, while others do. (they could have broadcasted it, hey!)

      Also, won't scale for streaming.

  3. Apr 2024
    1. I had the advantage, early in my career, of starting making music without any experience,

      for - key insight - not knowing - advantages - quote - Rick Ruben - quote - advantages of having no references

      quote - advantages of having no references - (see below)

      • I had the advantage,
        • early in my career,
      • of starting making music without any experience,
      • which was helpful, because
        • I didn't know what rules I was breaking.
      • And so it wasn't intentional breaking of rules.
        • I just did what seemed right to me,
        • but I didn't realize that I was doing things that other people wouldn't do.
    1. Pearl S. Buck and the 1930s RoyalStandard (with white keys) she used towrite The Good Earth, Jack Kerouac’sroad-weary Underwood Standard S,George Orwell’s Remington No. 2,Patricia Highsmith’s Olympia, Marga-ret Mitchell’s Remington No. 3 (whichher husband bought secondhand andshe relied on to type Gone With theWind and countless pieces of corre-spondence with fans).
    2. I have my work cut out for me withHemingway, since he used many type-writers: a gigantic Royal No. 10 desk-top with glass side panels from his earlyKey West days, an Underwood Noise-less that helped him fi nish For Whomthe Bell Tolls and fi le dispatches fromhotel rooms while he was a World WarII correspondent, and black matte Roy-als from the early 1940s—especiallythe Quiet DeLuxe and Arrow—he fa-vored while at Finca Vigía in Cuba.
    1. He asked what I did. I played tennis. Swam. Went out at night. Jogged.Transcribed music. Read.

      How does this structure, without the quotations, deviate from other dialogue. What does it imply about these listing of hobbies, or listing of identity, and what is its effect on us, reading? How does this tie into Aciman's exploration of what identity really is? How does it connect to what WORDS mean?

    1. ¿Que significa Character allByteCharacters? y cual es su función para que casos se utiliza?

      Esto se usa para conocer todos los signos de caracteres que se pueden usar en una impresión. Los recuadros con una "X" por dentro, quiere decir que ese caracter corresponde a un fuente tipográfica que no está instalada aún.

    1. Die Konzentration der drei wichtigsten Treibhausgase CO<sub>2</sub>, Methan und NO<sub>2</sub> hat 2023 neue Rekordwerte erreicht. Die Daten der amerikanischen NOAA zeigen, dass sich der Anstieg im Durchschnitt der letzten Jahre nicht verlangsamt hat, auch wenn er in manchen Vorjahren noch steiler verlief. Die CO<sub>2</sub>-Konzentation liegt 50% höher als in der vorindustriellen Zeit und entspricht der vor 4 Millionen Jahren. Die Atmosphäre enthält 160% mehr Methan als vor der Industrialisierung. Außer dem Verbrennen von Kohle, Öl und Gas ist die industrielle Landwirtschaft Hauptursache der Treibhausgas-Konzentration. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/apr/06/record-highs-heat-trapping-gases-climate-crisis

      Bericht: https://research.noaa.gov/2024/04/05/no-sign-of-greenhouse-gases-increases-slowing-in-2023/

  4. Mar 2024
    1. But the mischief was this, that, for all men could do, there was no possibility to keep them long in that relish; for in a very short while they would have stunk, which had been an undecent thing.

      Going back to the previous sentence, we see that the word tripe means either part of the stomach of an animal (mainly sheep and oxen) one eats or "rubbish" as used in slang, foreword that the men the author is describing, consistently indulging in said tripes (as shown in "licked his fingers" and "mischief") the men would have stunk physically from organs and trash and metaphorically, due to overindulgence and indecency.

    1. All of these forms of CNM share the crucial characteristic of negotiating access to multiple lovers, distinguishing CNM from infidelity (also known as cheating or adultery) which is not negotiated, but rather conducted in secret without the other partner’s consent

      definition of adultery and how it defers from poly

    2. there are at least three real reasons for this deviance assigned to polyamory, including honesty, women negotiating access to multiple partners, and the challenge it poses to heterosexual nuclear families

      reasons people associate poly w/ unfaithful

    1. polyamory can evoke emotions such as betrayal, disgust, anger, or fear

      because it evokes infidelity, people can have neg emotions towards poly

    2. it means consent to maintaining sexual relations with more than one person; secondly, it allows romantic feelings towards a few people at the same time. In a mono-normative culture, each of those transgressions is automatically associated with cheating, which is a situation where one person suffers harm and the continuation of the relationship is in question.

      polyamory is associated with cheating

    1. Due to the mixed feelings towards primary-secondary relationships within the polyamory community [8], and vast differences in relationship configuration, we therefore limited our sample to polyamorous individuals who personally identified one partner to be primary and another partner to be non-primary

      may link to the quote even though not supposed to be hierarchy

    2. CNM relationships are those in which partners explicitly agree that they or their partners can enter romantic and/or sexual relationships with other people


    3. In consensually non-monogamous relationships there is an open agreement that one, both, or all individuals involved in a romantic relationship may also have other sexual and/or romantic partners. R

  5. Feb 2024
    1. dernière question de la part de Cécile qui dit pour un scénario complexe vaut-il mieux faire une seule 01:18:16 automatisation ou décomposer en plusieurs étapes
    2. Gérald qui demande lorsque le collaborateur s'en va comment fait-on pour récupérer les flux d'automatisation problématique qui paraît doit se présenter régulièrement 01:16:23 en amont ce sujet là et donc aujourd'hui l'idée c'est que ces outils là soient utilisés et là tout à l'heure clairement Erwan a dit à me connecter j'ai pas mon 01:16:37 outil de mot de passe clairement nous chez nos codes forgots on utilise un outil qui nous permet de sauvegarder les mots de passe pour que l'ensemble des membres y est axé pour se connecter aux outils qu'on a décidé d'utiliser pour 01:16:48 pour le fonctionnement de la plateforme et du reste et donc en gros si moi je suis absent ou pour X raisons la Saône n'est pas bloquée parce que les mots de passe sont dans ce coffre-fort qui est 01:16:59 qui est protégé et commun à quelques-uns d'entre nous
    3. Benjamin se demande si s'il cherche des logiciels qu'ils utilisent mais qu'aucun figure sur les outils ne codes est-ce que dans 01:13:05 ce cas-là c'est possible de créer la liaison
    4. qu'est-ce que ce serait des exemples un peu pour mettre la main à la pâte en sortant de ce webinaire
    5. je remets la slide où il y avait des 01:08:58 exemples qui sont une dizaine d'exemples parmi des centaines possible
    6. par exemple chez solidatech on se sert à la fois de 01:07:42 RTBF et de et de zappyer pour interconnecter justement nos posts sur les réseaux sociaux mais en fait ça permet de centraliser aussi bien Twitter que LinkedIn que 01:07:57 Twitter etc et ça nous permet de conserver un historique centralisé au même endroit sans avoir justement besoin au cas par cas d'aller voir ce qu'on a publié sur Twitter et en même temps sur Facebook etc et en fait tout en se 01:08:09 mettant en forme à calendrier on a les choses très clairement notre historique et donc on sait que bah oui on a déjà publié il y a trois mois sur Twitter tel sujet on va plutôt varier les plaisirs ou au contraire en parler sur Facebook pour pas oublier
    7. on a une question de Gabriel qui qui est en plein dans le sujet des 01:06:08 automatisations et qui me paraissait pertinente qui demande avant d'automatiser des tâches comment savoir si les outils les applis sur lesquels on travaille sont interconnectables
    8. démo de 20 secondes
    9. des questions sur les tarifs de de toutes ces solutions
    10. les outils no code c'est il y a une version gratuite puis 10 euros par 00:48:24 mois ou 20 euros par mois
    11. Résumé de la vidéo [00:00:00][^1^][1] - [01:22:34][^2^][2]:

      Cette vidéo est un webinaire organisé par Solidatech et Contournement, deux programmes de solidarité numérique qui aident les associations à renforcer leur impact grâce au numérique. Le webinaire présente les concepts et les outils du no code, c'est-à-dire la possibilité de créer des sites web, des applications, des outils internes et des automatisations sans avoir besoin de coder. Le webinaire explique les avantages du no code pour les associations, les différents types d'outils disponibles, les bonnes pratiques à adopter, et propose des démonstrations concrètes de création de projets no code.

      Points clés: + [00:00:00][^3^][3] Présentation de Solidatech * Programme de solidarité numérique créé en 2008 * Facilite l'accès au numérique financièrement et accompagne aux usages * Propose des logiciels à tarif réduit, du matériel reconditionné, des ressources, des webinaires et des formations + [00:04:53][^4^][4] Présentation de Contournement * Programme de solidarité numérique créé en 2017 * Aide les associations à créer des sites, des applis et des automatisations sans coder * Propose des vidéos, des podcasts, des formations en ligne et des offres solidaires + [00:08:10][^5^][5] Introduction au no code * No code = créer des projets numériques visuellement sans écrire de code * Avantages : gain de temps, d'argent, d'autonomie, de créativité * Inconvénients : dépendance aux éditeurs, limites techniques, besoin de se former + [00:14:29][^6^][6] Panorama des outils no code * Différents types d'outils selon les besoins : site web, appli mobile, outil interne, automatisation, etc. * Différents niveaux d'accessibilité selon les compétences : débutant, confirmé, avancé * Exemples d'outils : Dorik, Webflow, Bubble, Glide, Zapier, Airtable, Notion, etc. + [00:20:10][^7^][7] Démonstration de Zapier * Zapier = outil no code qui permet d'interconnecter des outils entre eux pour automatiser des tâches * Exemple : automatiser le traitement des candidatures à une formation * Explication pas à pas de la création d'un zap (automatisation) + [00:29:00][^8^][8] Démonstration de Softr * Softr = outil no code qui permet de créer des sites web et des applis à partir de bases de données Airtable * Exemple : créer un site de recrutement pour les métiers du no code * Explication pas à pas de la création d'un site avec Softr + [00:36:38][^9^][9] Bonnes pratiques du no code * Commencer par définir son besoin et son objectif * Choisir l'outil le plus adapté à son projet * Se former et se documenter sur l'outil choisi * Tester et itérer son projet * Se faire accompagner par des experts si besoin + [00:39:34][^10^][10] Questions-Réponses * Réponses aux questions des participants sur le no code, les outils, la sécurité, le rgpd, etc. * Présentation d'un bon d'achat de 80 euros valable un mois sur les formations de Contournement * Conclusion et remerciements

    12. partage les coulisses de contournement là vous voyez un tableau dans le ça alors on va juste faire un truc c'est imaginons que je veux veiller à chaque 00:33:09 fois qu'il y a le mot clé #noode sur Twitter ou alors qu'il y a hâte solidatech
    13. exemple maison c'est nos codes for good
    1. Résumé de la vidéo [00:00:00][^1^][1] - [01:30:42][^2^][2] :

      Cette vidéo est une présentation en français sur les outils numériques pour les associations, organisée par Solidatech et animée par Erwan Khezzar, cofondateur de Contournement. Elle aborde les sujets suivants :

      Points forts : + [00:00:00][^3^][3] Présentation de Solidatech * Un programme de solidarité numérique créé en 2008 * Une filiale des Ateliers du Bocage, membre du mouvement Emmaüs * Plus de 32 000 associations bénéficiaires et plus de 500 000 outils numériques distribués + [00:04:12][^4^][4] Présentation de Contournement * Une entreprise qui forme à contourner les obstacles techniques du numérique * Une approche basée sur les outils no code, qui permettent de créer des sites, des applis, des outils sans écrire de code * Un exemple de projet réalisé avec Glide : H24 Urgence, une appli qui cartographie les maisons de santé + [00:15:32][^5^][5] Panorama des outils no code * Une typologie des outils selon leur fonctionnalité : création de sites, d'applis, d'outils, d'automatisation, etc. * Une présentation de plusieurs outils avec leurs avantages et leurs limites : Webflow, Bubble, Glide, Airtable, Zapier, Notion, etc. * Une démonstration de Airtable, un outil de gestion de bases de données visuelles et collaboratives + [01:11:22][^6^][6] Questions-réponses * Des réponses aux questions des participants sur les outils no code, leur utilisation, leur coût, leur sécurité, etc. * Des conseils et des ressources pour se former et se lancer dans le no code * Une offre de réduction pour la formation initiation au no code de Contournement

  6. Jan 2024
    1. Ausführlicher Artikel zum Hintergrund der Entscheidung der Biden-Adminstration, den Bau der LNG-Terminals CP2 nicht ohne Überprüfung der Klimawirkung zu genehmigen. Zur Zeit haben die USA sieben LNG-Export-Terminals, fünf sind in Bau. CP2 wäre das bisher größte; es ist eines von 17 Terminals im Planungsstadium. Die USA sind weltweit führend beim LNG-Export und bei der Öl- und Gasproduktion insgesamt. CP2 soll, bei Baukosten von 10 Milliarden Dollar, 20 Millionen Tonnen LNG im Jahr verschiffen, 20% der US- Exporte. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/01/24/climate/biden-lng-export-terminal-cp2.html

    1. I feel we need a agreeable definition of work-items. It is getting confusing already. If the goal is to avoid confusion then exceptions must be avoided.
    2. I feel that the current design area should be a key part of the workflow on any work item, not just type of designs. As a PM I don't schedule designs independently. It's odd to open and close a design issue when it doesn't deliver value to the customer.
    1. less secure sign-in technology

      What does that mean exactly?

      All of a sudden my Rails app's attempts to send via SMTP started getting rejected until I enabled "Less secure app access". It would be nice if I knew what was necessary to make the access considered "secure".

      Update: Newer information added to this article (as well as elsewhere) leads me to believe that it is specifically sending password directly as authentication mechanism which was/is no longer permitted.

      This is the note that has since been added on this page, which clarifies this point:

      To help keep your account secure, from May 30, 2022, ​​Google no longer supports the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password.

    2. To help keep your account secure, from May 30, 2022, ​​Google no longer supports the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password.
    1. To keep your account more secure, Gmail no longer supports third-party apps or devices which require you to share your Google username and password. Sharing your account credentials with third-parties makes it easier for hackers to gain access to your account.
  7. Dec 2023
      • for: James Hansen - 2023 paper, key insight - James Hansen, leverage point - emergence of new 3rd political party, leverage point - youth in politics, climate change - politics, climate crisis - politics

      • Key insight: James Hansen

        • The key insight James Hansen conveys is that
          • the key to rapid system change is
            • WHAT? the rapid emergence of a new, third political party that does not take money from special interest lobbys.
            • WHY? Hit the Achilles heel of the Fossil Fuel industry
            • HOW? widespread citizen / youth campaign to elect new youth leaders across the US and around the globe
            • WHEN? Timing is critical. In the US,
              • Don't spoil the vote for the two party system in 2024 elections. Better to have a democracy than a dictatorship.
              • Realistically, likely have to wait to be a contender in the 2028 election.
      • reference

    1. From 1976 to 1985, states that adopted no-fault divorce saw their overall domestic-violence rates plummet by a quarter to one-half, including in relationships that did not end in divorce. The number of women murdered by “intimates” declined by 10 percent. Female suicide rates also fell immediately in states that moved to unilateral divorce, a downward trend that continued for the next decade

      good lord

    1. the overwhelming majority of people support are not on the political agenda which is why this whole the idea that there is a center in politics is a complete fiction
      • for: quote - there is no center, it's a fiction, quote - James Schneider - Progressive International

      • quote

      • key point
        • the things that the overwhelming majority of people support are not on the political agenda
          • which is why this whole the idea that there is a center in politics is a complete fiction
        • Elite consensus opinion is almost always massively in the minority
          • and so you have to work very hard to prevent things which are massively in the majority from getting political expression
        • Polling between 2/3 and 3/4 of people support (including generally speaking the majority of people who voted in the last election support) things like
          • public ownership of
            • energy
            • water
            • rail
            • mail, etc
          • a 15 pound an hour minimum wage
          • a wealth tax
      • All of these things considered way way on the left are not on the left, that's actually the center if you're talking about where is the mainstream British public opinion - and it's such strong public opinion because no one ever says it in the public sphere and when they do they are ridiculed
      • author: James Schneider, Progressive International
      • date: Dec, 2023
  8. Nov 2023
    1. The PSL nor its volunteers prescribe what browsers do with entries or their recognition/handling of entries, default behaviours, or other handling. Browsers do what browsers do, diversely, and the PSL is not the boss of them.
    1. In a scenario that hits global net zero emissions by 2050, declines in demand are sufficiently steep that no new long lead-time conventional oil and gas projects are required. Some existing production would even need to be shut in. In 2040, more than 7 million barrels per day of oil production is pushed out of operation before the end of its technical lifetime in a 1.5 °C scenario.
      • for: stats - oil and gas industry - steep drop in production

      • stats - oil and gas industry - steep drop in production

        • no new fields can be developed to meet a 1.5 Deg C scenario
        • any new developments face the certain risk of being a stranded asset
        • by 2040, 7 million less barrels of oil are produced each day to meet a 1.5 Deg C scenario
    1. Otherwise we’d be second-guessing ourselves at every moment: Who is deciding to buy a house or have a child? FV: That’s right. Every decision would be suspect. So evolution has designed you so that you just want to hurry on with your solidified self. That is what the sense of being a separate organism is all about.
      • for: self awareness of no-self, adjacency - evolution - no-self - Fransisco Verella, quote - Fransisco Verella, quote - evolution - solidified self, question - awakening to no-self

      • quote: Fransisco Verella

        • Evolution has designed you so that you just want to hurry on with your solidified self. They is what the sense of being a separate organism is about.
      • date: 1999

      • comment

        • Verella claims evolution has designed us to have no self awareness of no-self, the origins of the self.
        • even this phrase seems like an oxymoron 'self awareness of no-self!'
      • question
        • how would a less complex, more primitive life form even have self awareness? What does that mean biologically? At that most rudimentary level, I suppose it would mean sensory feedback signals,
      • question
        • Does this imply that (emotionally or affectively) awakening to your origins of self leads to second guessing ourselves as well? From observation of the behaviour of awakened individuals, this does not seem to be the case. Rather, authentically awakens individuals appear to be associated with much higher levels of wisdom and compassion, which would seem to confer evolutionary fitness
    2. : Why do you think it is so hard for people to awaken to the true nature of things, even after being told of scientific research or after having a personal experience of no-self? FV: My hypothesis is that evolution has shaped human beings to disregard the basic sources of our being. We were built to forget how we were put together.
      • for: evolution - forgetting our non-self nature, adjacency - evolution - non-self - Fransisco Verella, adjacency - evolution - no-self - Fransisco Verella

      • adjacency between

        • evolution
        • non-self
        • Francisco Verella
      • adjacency statement
        • Verella makes the interesting claim that evolution designer is to be blind to our lack of self
        • in fact, major evolutionary transitions in individuality embed the creation of a new higher order individual at each major stage of transition.
        • More fundamentally, major evolutionary transitions to individuals at each level need to define a biological self through a new physiological boundary between what constitutes a new unitary individual "self" (our inner world) and the rest of the environment ( our new outer world)
        • It will be interesting to see how Verella's claim reconcile with that
    3. In some sense, a heightened degree of self-awareness is antievolutionary.
      • for: quote - Fransisco Verella, quote - evolution - no-self

      • quote: Fransisco Verella

        • In some sense, a heightened degree of self-awareness is anti evolutionary
      • date: 1999
    1. Google Chrome for Android no longer has an option to disable “Pull to Refresh”. For people who don’t really like using this feature, this is pretty annoying. There was a way to disable this using a flag, but version 75 removed this flag too.
    2. I was filling and completing a report on a website, uploaded an attachment just wanted to fill up some remaining inputs on final step, while scrolling down the whole page refreshed!.. hours of work and composition was gone instantly, extremely frustrating!
    3. I stoped using chrome android for purchases, due to the refresh occuring while scrolling up. Poor design choice
  9. Oct 2023
    1. New words, and new senses and uses of words, are not sanctioned or rejected by the authority of any single body: they arise through regular use and, once established, are recorded in dictionaries and grammars.
    1. The reason eval is there is because when you need it, when you really need it, there are no substitutes. There's only so much you can do with creative method dispatching, after all, and at some point you need to execute arbitrary code.
    1. William Butler Yates is called sailing to Byzantium 02:13:12 and here the key word is not the last word or in the last stanza it comes right at the beginning and if you miss it and go over it too fast you have missed the meaning of the poem it's a it starts out by saying that is No Country 02:13:26 for Old Men

      That [Ireland] is No Country for Old Men

  10. Sep 2023
    1. use the services of free email providers (Gmail, Live, Yahoo...) which are limited and your data is used for commercial purposes. Install your own email server, which requires important technical knowledge to setup and configure the system.
    1. There is actually no meaningful distinction between a hostname which happens to be a second-level domain and a hostname which has more parts than that. You can even have a machine at a top-level domain if you happen to be a small country or otherwise are able to create an A record for one.
    1. several varieties of blind spots.
      • for: blind spots, science - blind spots, aware spot, Wittgenstein, Nishada Kitaro, Douglas Harding, BEing journey, finger pointing to the moon, the man with no head

      • paraphrase

        • blind spot by vacancy
          • ie. black area in visual field.
          • contrast with the rest of the visual field
          • easy to see
      • further research start
        • pure blind spot
          • I did not understand
      • further research end
        • aware spot
          • Douglas Harding ( Man without a head) exercise
          • Wittgenstein also commented on this
            • Nothing in your visual field leads you to infer that it is seen by an eye
            • BEing journey
              • point finger to objects in your visual field
              • then point to yourself
              • what do you see? There's no object there
              • it is empty but is the source of awareness
          • Nishada Kitaro
            • As soon as you adopt the stance of objective knowledge, the knower doesn't enter the visual field
      • for: bio-buddhism, buddhism - AI, care as the driver of intelligence, Michael Levin, Thomas Doctor, Olaf Witkowski, Elizaveta Solomonova, Bill Duane, care drive, care light cone, multiscale competency architecture of life, nonduality, no-self, self - illusion, self - constructed, self - deconstruction, Bodhisattva vow
      • title: Biology, Buddhism, and AI: Care as the Driver of Intelligence
      • author: Michael Levin, Thomas Doctor, Olaf Witkowski, Elizaveta Solomonova, Bill Duane, AI - ethics
      • date: May 16, 2022
      • source: https://www.mdpi.com/1099-4300/24/5/710/htm

      • summary

        • a trans-disciplinary attempt to develop a framework to deal with a diversity of emerging non-traditional intelligence from new bio-engineered species to AI based on the Buddhist conception of care and compassion for the other.
        • very thought-provoking and some of the explanations and comparisons to evolution actually help to cast a new light on old Buddhist ideas.
        • this is a trans-disciplinary paper synthesizing Buddhist concepts with evolutionary biology
    1. According to general Buddhist analysis, the individual that may be assumed to exist as a singular, enduring, and controlling self is mere appearance devoid of causal efficacy, and thus epiphenomenal [68]. In the case of a Bodhisattva, this understanding is carried forward so as to encompass a critique of the apparent foundations of cognition: object, agent, and action.
      • for: emptiness, shunyata, non-existence of self, no-self, illusory self, deconstructing self
      • comment
        • this short description of the reasoning behind deconstructing the self is quite fresh and insightful, especially relating it to cognition.
    1. I'm using Kubuntu 23.04, do not use Snaps, and wish to update to Thunderbird 115 from the installed version 102. Is this possible? It appears as if Ubuntu have stopped providing non-Snap packages for mainstream apps and Thunderbird themselves offer me a tar.bz2 whilst I'd rather use packaged apps. Will Thunderbird 115 be available as an official .deb file at all; will it be in the repos? What's the best non-Snap way to install it and keep it updated?
  11. Aug 2023
    1. Americans are increasingly experiencing economic insecurity. According to a recent survey by Bankrate, 6 out of every 10 of us don’t even have $500 in the bank.
      • for: precarity, inequality, United States - poverty, no savings, financial crisis
      • quote
      • stats
        • 6 out of every 10 American interviewed said they did not have $500 savings in the bank
      • source
        • Bankrate 6 survey
    1. The method name is generated by replacing spaces with underscores. The result does not need to be a valid Ruby identifier though — the name may contain punctuation characters, etc. That's because in Ruby technically any string may be a method name. This may require use of define_method and send calls to function properly, but formally there's little restriction on the name.
    1. You agree that Zoom compiles and may compile Service Generated Data based on Customer Content and use of the Services and Software. You consent to Zoom’s access, use, collection, creation, modification, distribution, processing, sharing, maintenance, and storage of Service Generated Data for any purpose, to the extent and in the manner permitted under applicable Law, including for the purpose of product and service development, marketing, analytics, quality assurance, machine learning or artificial intelligence (including for the purposes of training and tuning of algorithms and models), training, testing, improvement of the Services, Software, or Zoom’s other products, services, and software, or any combination thereof, and as otherwise provided in this Agreement.

      "Zoom terms of service now require you to allow AI to train on ALL your data—audio, facial recognition, private conversations—unconditionally and irrevocably, with no opt out.

      Don’t try to negotiate with our new overlords." https://twitter.com/tedgioia/status/1688221240790528000?s=20

  12. Jul 2023
    1. some systems of power have absolutely no barriers,
      • key finding
        • some systems of power have absolutely no barriers
      • comment
        • when there are no barriers, then power seekers will have opportunity to actualize power
  13. Jun 2023
    1. superseded in 2015 by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), whichrelaxed directives on regular assessment.
    2. in the USA in 2001 Congress passed a new law—the ‘No ChildLeft Behind’ Act (NCLB)—which sought to increase accountability fromschools through an array of measures, one of which instructed teachers on thekind of ‘scientifically proven’ practices they must adopt in their work.
  14. May 2023
    1. National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report documents an increase in learners with college credits but no credential and finds they are returning to college at lower rates than in the past.

      Highlights the importance of Learner Mobility

    1. Patent non-assertion – The organisation should commit to a patent non-assertion covenant. The organisation may obtain patents to protect its own operations, but not use them to prevent the community from replicating the infrastructure.

      {No Patents}

  15. Apr 2023
    1. If the metaphysical foundations of our society tell us we have no soul, how on earth are we going to imbue soul into AI? Four hundred years after Descartes and Hobbs, our scientific methods and cultural stories are still heavily influenced by their ideas.

      Key observation - If the metaphysical foundations of our society tell us we have no soul, - how are we going to imbue soul into AI? - Four hundred years after Descartes and Hobbs, - our scientific methods and cultural stories are still heavily influenced by their ideas.

  16. Mar 2023
    1. At the end of the day many of us that are innovators always find ourselves busy with the next thing we are innovating and rarely look around at the context. To be expected to look beyond the context to other forks is too much for any sane individual. because all of the forks are using trunk based development and are moving targets.

      En Grafoscopio, miramos consistentemente hacia los lados, incluso más allá de la comunidad que estamos construyendo al mezclar cosas como HedgeDoc, TiddlyWiki, Pharo, GToolkit, Markdeep y Fossil en nuestro flujos de trabajo y obteniendo flujos mucho más sencillos que recreando todo en una sóla herramienta o mezclando/extendiendo herramientas más populares.

      Incluso, al migrar aprendizajes desde Grafoscopio hacia Lepiter, estamos mirando hacia el lado y no sufriendo del síndrome de No Inventado Acá (NHI).

      Ahora bien, lo que sí nos ha pasado con entornos Smalltalk (Pharo primero y ahora GT), es la sensación de estar desarrollando para un plataforma en continuo movimiento, con las (des)ventajas que ello trae. Una manera de fijar requerimientos y construir a partir de allí sería extremadamente útil.

    1. When I speak of Europeans or mental Europeans, I'm not allowing for false distinctions. I'm not saying that on the one hand there are the by-products of a few thousand years of genocidal, reactionary, European intellectual development which is bad; and on the other hand there is some new revolutionary intellectual development which is good. I'm referring here to the so-called theories of Marxism and anarchism and "leftism" in general. I don't believe these theories can be separated from the rest of the of the European intellectual tradition. It's really just the same old song.
      • Content
      • Means lumps leftist politics in South conservative European politics. He doesn't see them as fundamentally different, both follow the same exploitative and destructive logic
  17. Feb 2023
    1. Posted byu/A_Dull_Significance6 hours agoWhat’s something you do with your Zettelkasten that you’re “not supposed to do”? .t3_11awtrx._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; } questionI think the title says it all.There are lots of ideas about things you should, or shouldn’t, do with you zettelkasten. What is something that works for you that you’re “not supposed to do”?For me, it’s the idea you shouldn’t keep quotes. I have a section (56/2) which is mainly a collection of different quotes on the topic of writing complexity and ease of comprehension. Some are for complexity, some against. Some place the burden on the writer, some on the reader, some mutual. I find it fruitful.What about you? What “rule” do you break?

      Who made up this supposed rule against quotes! Are they not aware that quotes, particularly of sententiae, are some of the most excerpted and transmitted bits of knowledge in the entire Western canon? Without quotes, the entire tradition of note taking would probably not exist. Of course properly quoting is a sub-art in and of itself within rhetoric and the ars excerpendi.

      A zettelkasten with no quotes— by definition— shouldn't carry the name.

    1. When an idea feels like too much work to write down, you just told yourself it wasn’t valuable enough.
    2. They write a bunch of crap down that they wish they’d be able to do (secretly knowing they never will) and then their task manager gets overwhelming and they drop it because there is too much noise. This is why systems like Bullet Journal thrive in a digital world. When something is too hard to migrate to a new page or notebook, you just said it’s not worth doing and you let it go. Bullet Journal is a no-first system.

      Bullet journaling works well in a noisy world because it forces people to confront what they're eventually not going to do anyway and gets them to drop it rather than leaving it on an ever-growing list.

      Carrying forward to do lists manually encourages one to quit things that aren't going to get done.

  18. Jan 2023
    1. you you have to back politicians who are   00:52:41 willing to change this and unfortunately there's  no party that's uh in favor of canceling student   debt or any kind of debt in the united states  because the political parties are subsidized   by the banking in the financial sector so  uh i don't see uh i don't see a way out

      !- Michael Hudson : The realities of debt writedown of any kind - Not pragmatic because no political party will support it because all political parties are subsidized by banking and financial sector

    1. paranoia has some surprising behaviour (like overriding ActiveRecord's delete and destroy) and is not recommended for new projects. See discard's README for more details. Paranoia will continue to accept bug fixes and support new versions of Rails but isn't accepting new features.
  19. Dec 2022
    1. 3NO SELF PROMOTION, RECRUITING, OR DM SPAMMINGMembers love our group because it's SAFE. We are very strict on banning members who blatantly self promote their product or services in the group OR secretly private message members to recruit them.
    2. 1NO POSTING LINKS INSIDE OF POST - FOR ANY REASONWe've seen way too many groups become a glorified classified ad & members don't like that. We don't want the quality of our group negatively impacted because of endless links everywhere. NO LINKS
    1. This is a terrible idea. At least if there's no way to opt out of it! And esp. if it doesn't auto log out the original user after some timeout.

      Why? Because I may no longer remember which device/connection I used originally or may no longer have access to that device or connection.

      What if that computer dies? I can't use my new computer to connect to admin UI without doing a factory reset of router?? Or I have to clone MAC address?

      In my case, I originally set up via ethernet cable, but after I disconnected and connected to wifi, the same device could not log in, getting this error instead! (because different interface has different mac address)

    1. Eno heard about No Wave, then the dominant style for downtown bands who were taking punk to its logical extremes—abandoning song form, playing entirely outside of formal tunings, and foregrounding noise over signal.
    1. just wanted to have an overview of these categories to get people thinking and doing in this level. And the challenge of course is the cornucopias and the Vikings are distracting us from what really needs to be done. And so this whole conversation, we're thinking two or three steps ahead from something that 00:51:27 our culture is not giving us the status, reward, and emotional signals of yet.

      !- good point : rewards for Arcadians not yet in place - Nate makes a good point. The system design thinking required, the futures thinking now required is not being rewarded by the current system because its value is so far not recognized. Arcadians are on the bleeding edge and must be a tough and resilient bunch with autonomy to recognize that it will be an uphill battle

    1. Foam bọt nở hay keo bọt nở là một foam với thành gốc Polyurethane (PU) dùng để trám trét khe hở có khả năng cách âm cách nhiệt và chống thấm, là vật liệu quan trọng trong xây dựng trám trét lắp đặt, chà ron, chèn, lắp các khe, lổ hỏng và dán các tấm tường.
    1. With Mailgun, you'll need to upgrade to a dedicated IP or "managed email service" and pay extra for "better deliverability." At Postmark, great deliverability isn't an up-charge. It's simply included, and we share live delivery data so you can judge for yourself.
    1. Dilemma: Do I use this unofficial library with its really nice idiomatic API or the official library (https://github.com/mailgun/mailgun-ruby) with its inferior API?

      I wish this one was still/better maintained because I'd much rather use this API, like: @mailgun.lists.create "devs@your.mailgun.domain" @mailgun.lists.list @mailgun.lists.find "devs@your.mailgun.domain"

      but it's not maintained, and looks like it doesn't have the word events in the source at all, so it's missing any way to use the Events API. :(

  20. Nov 2022
    1. This extension still allows indifferent access, but keeps the form of the keys to eliminate confusion when you're not expecting the keys to change.
    1. While there are many great answers regarding the "glyph not found" glyph, that won't help you actually detect it, as the text string in code will still have the character regardless of the font used to render it.
    1. Presence of guanidinoacetate may compensate creatine absence and account for less statin-induced muscle damage in GAMT-deficient compared to AGAT-deficient mice

      PMID: 32172372 Gene: GAMT Disease: GAMT deficiency Inheritance: X-linked

    1. LC-MS/MS measurements of urinary guanidinoacetic acid and creatine: Method optimization by deleting derivatization step

      PMID: 30858092 Gene: GAMT Disease: GAMT deficiency Inheritance: X-linked

  21. Oct 2022
    1. Your alternator is NOT a chargerThe alternator’s job is to supply the power needed for all electrical items on the vehicle, plus replenish the battery from the last start up. The alternator is not a battery charger so much as it is a battery maintainer. If the alternator has to recharge an overly discharged battery, the alternator will become over-worked, which will shorten its life.If you use your alternator to charge your dead battery, you will overheat the alternator during its charging process. The greater the amperage flowing through it, the higher the heat an alternator creates.Maximum Alternator Output Only Occurs at high RPMSAfter you start your car with jumper cables, the voltage regulator sees a discharged battery and commands maximum field in the rotor. But at 600 RPM, the alternator can only provide about 1/4th of its rated output. Let it idle for a long period and all you’ll do it overheat the rotor windings and burn up your expensive alternator. A 110-amp alternator can only output 110-amps at RPMS of 2,500 or more. So don’t even think about letting it idle to recharge the battery.A battery charger costs $40. A new Alternator $350Not exactly brain surgery, is it?The correct way to deal with this situation is to jump the battery (using a jumper pack is much safer than jumper cables) and driving it to a place where you can place a REAL battery charger on the battery.
    1. This was much more of an issue a generation ago, when your ‘74 Chevy Nova or ‘69 Ford F-100 had a 35 amp alternator. Any car made in the last 15-20 years will have a 75 amp alternator as a bare minimum, and ratings well north of 100 amps are common in larger vehicles.There’s dozens of amps of headroom to charge the battery at idle speed, especially if you turn off the lights, stereo, HVAC, etc. That said, it’ll charge even more quickly if you drive the car.

      In reply to: https://hyp.is/YNQwwlF0Ee206UcS3HYLnA/www.reddit.com/r/Cartalk/comments/aoks7b/how_much_idling_needed_after_jump_start_to/

      This seems like more sound/trustworthy advice than the replied-to's advice/info.

    2. This will KILL your alternator. You should get a battery charger or a trickle charger. Alternators go through hell when trying to recharge a fully depleted battery.
    1. Importante fornecer um e-mail válido para a solicitação da nota fiscal.
    1. The final lecture of the course considers Christianity as “the ever-adapting religion,” asking what elements remain constant within allits historical changes.

      Religions are ever-evolving ideas and practices, and like rivers, which are broadly similar and recognizable even over spans of time, can never be practiced or experienced the same way twice.

  22. Sep 2022
    1. I used common sense media for years as my kids are 9/10 now... Use kids-in-mind.com instead. My guess is that common sense media is fine with 1/10th (or less) of the traffic they used to have, if the 1/10th is paying...Not gonna pay for something I use maybe once a month to check one category, it is disappointing though.