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  1. Oct 2020
    1. What a weight!

      I like how much information can be packed into a few words "What a weight!". I wonder how a machine learning approach on summarizing the text , or finding and outlining those little phases, would perform. Although I am pretty sure there already is some kind of attempt to train a classifier using premade summaries of stories and notations. One of the challenges I would assume to be the correct identification of the actual borders of such notations by the classifier. One solution for that would be to assume that a notation is always one sentence long and work from there.

  2. May 2020
  3. Feb 2017
    1. custody of children to the husband.

      Interesting to see the social change that has occurred since then. Women are now more than 60% more likely to win custody if a divorce is filed. Sort of reminds me of the quote from Stewart, " look at many of the most worthy and most interesting or us doomed to spend our lives in gentlemen 's kitchens"

      As the kitchen is now one of the sexist jokes regarding where a woman belongs, that statement seemed odd to me. This seems like a similar situation, although I'm sure that few jokes revolve around custody battles.

  4. Jan 2017
    1. he regretted his multiple marriages and had forbidden his sons to take more than one wife. He is also educating his daughters.

      What did he do now that he regrets having multiple wives? Did he have major divorces?