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  7. Nov 2017
    1. Currently, since arXiv lacks an explicit representation of authors and other entities in metadata, ADS must parse author metadata from arXiv heuristically.

      It will be interesting if solving this problem becomes one of hardcore ORCID integration coupled with metadata extraction from submitted manuscripts.

  8. May 2017
    1. Antoine Amarilli fait remarquer le d Ģes Ģequilibre apparent de la situation actuelle, o`ulā€™association devrait payer ORCID pour avoir le droit de leur fournir des donn Ģees. Lā€™AGdemande si dā€™autres acteurs se trouvent dans une situation analogue `a la nĖ†otre. Anto-nin Delpeuch rappelle que les outils de gestion de recherche vendus aux universit Ģes lesplacent dans une sitation similaire `a la nĖ†otre ; `a leur Ģechelle, cependant, le montant dela cotisation `a ORCID ne repr Ģesente pas un probl`eme de la mĖ†eme ampleur.

      Solid which is a decentralised authentication protocol may be of interest.

    1. Each item added to the repository will be assigned a DOI, which means you can trust they will be persistently resolvable. Ā In our exemplar role, we will ultimately be connecting the DOI to the creatorā€™ ORCID iDs

      on DOIs and ORCIDs in websites

  9. Feb 2017
    1. There are two reasons why signing in is so important. Firstly, when a researcher signs in (or ā€œauthenticatesā€), they can choose what happens to their account - it keeps them in control of their own information. Secondly, once a researcher has signed in, the connections they make to their ORCID iD are more useful - to them and to anyone else who wants to see those connections.

      Important to note.

    1. Organized around our three guiding pillars - Sustain, Lead, Mature - all members of the ORCID team (that includes you) will be working on these goals.

      Will check these out!

    2. We will be collecting ORCID iDs from workshop participants and connecting these activities to their ORCID record. We will be embedding ORCID iDs and DOIs in our blog posts, presentations, and white papers. We are participating in a broad community effort on organization identifiers.

      Great news!

    3. We have two big milestones coming up in 2017: celebrating ORCIDĀ Pi Day (our 3,141,593rdĀ registrant - coming soon!)Ā and the fifth anniversary ofĀ the ORCID Registry launch in October.

      Big days, to be sure!

  10. Nov 2016
    1. Have you considered including ORCIDs for every author? Although not compulsory, ORCIDs are a good way of making sure authors get credit for your work by distinguishing them from every other researcher in the world.