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  1. Jan 2018
      • observation: new people come into community, discuss new ideas, discussion dies down
        • but we also look at these new tech & discuss their applicability
      • "phone" is identified by several IDs
      • hashes talk about accession, not about for example location
      • CIIDRA = IDs for construction industry
      • "immutability" in programming isn't necessarily useful for persistence
      • issues with DOI: What does it mean to "own" an identifier?
        • DOIs can be handed over to other organisation
        • ownership is multi-faceted: content, domain, infrastructure to keep it available, etc.
      • same for "trust": intention vs. execution
        • "distributed": membership organisations, server locations, decision taking
      • efforts of hacking around social issues are doomed
        • governance needs human interaction
      • blockchain for PIDs is antisocial & elitist
      • p hacking or "garden of forking paths" washes random cases of significances up as scientific findings
      • remedy: pre-registering studies & methods
      • allTrials in medicine, now social sciences
      • discussion at BITSS: which PIDs to use?
      • pre-registrars require rather many fields, compared to repositories
      • still, people do fill these out => several hundred studies pre-registered each
      • sounds like RIOjournal, but community-owned registrars have better reputation there => better to introduce PIDs there, than to introduce them to new journal
      • conference acronyms not unique
      • some conferences don't have publishers
      • some are predatory / fake / mock
      • audience consensus: little discussion necessary about whether blogs should have DOIs, concrete implementations needed
      • manual DOI registration possible, but of little use
      • API call better, but integration from blogging software necessary
      • SEO also requires exposing metadata => interests align
      • schema.org/BlogPosting suggested
      • https://blog.datacite.org/ uses JSON-LD
      • https://wordpress.org/plugins/schema/
      • sitemap needed so that indexer can find the posts to then extract metadata
      • beta testers from institutions that already register DOIs welcome
      • building tech, syntax & metadata is comparatively easy
      • How to create social context for acceptance of identifiers?
        • [ ] But why was that possible for several PIDs, but not for keeping URLs stable in the first place?
  2. Nov 2017
    1. BBSRC's policy on data management

      A link would be useful here, ideally to a persistent version of the policy.

    2. Keywords

      These keywords should be linked to persistent identifiers (rule number 5).

    3. Laurent Gatto

      Researcher - author

    4. University of Cambridge

      University ID

    5. (BB/N023129/1)

      Grant number - use of this can link actions back to requirements and support monitoring / compliance checks

    6. BBSRC

      Research funder - link to funder ID

  3. Sep 2017
    1. 10.7910/DVN/V1TKIO

      It might well have been better to get each of these documents their own unique identifier rather than bundling them all together under this DOI.