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  1. Dec 2017
    1. The actions of research institutions regarding Open Science training are key in this development and can be summarised in three steps.

      move this sentence to top of page 2

    2. ce of

      'secure the relevant open Science skills' instead - delete 'ce of'

    3. or (advanced level)

      change to "to recognise the value of"

      I actually don't think senior staff are a key target group for advanced level trainings. Often they're disengaged and unwilling to change practices to be more open, so focus should be on high-level briefings to get them to see value and encourage junior staff to engage. Sweeping generalizations over!

    4. 1.

      Place footnote after punctuation as in next example

    5. Providing researchers with the skills and competencies they need to practise Open Science

      make a link? and italicise to show it's a title

    6. to

      change to 'they'

    7. ECTS

      Do we need to define this or is it well understood as an acronymn?

    8. Participation in formalized & modularised courses can be included into curricula reg-ulations.

      This first sentence is too similar to the point above. Change to: "Formal and modularised courses should be assessed and awarded formal credits."

    9. implementin

      better to use 'embedding' or 'integrating'

    10. Make Open Science courses in trainings mandatory

      Rephrase to - Make Open Science content mandatory in researcher training courses

  2. Nov 2017
    1. machine learning


    2. Laurent Gatto

      Researcher - author

    3. University of Cambridge

      University ID

    4. Understanding protein multi- and trans-localisation at the full proteome level

      Grant title - connect back to grant ID

    5. Gene Ontology Annotation database

      Repository service

    6. Swiss-Prot

      Repository service

    7. statistical learning pipelines


    8. PRoteomics IDEntifications (PRIDE)


    9. ProteomeXchange


    10. mzTab

      data format

    11. spreadsheets

      data type

    12. MSnbase


    13. (BB/N023129/1)

      Grant number - use of this can link actions back to requirements and support monitoring / compliance checks

    14. open access

      access mode

    15. software


    16. Bioconductor

      software repository / service

    17. BBSRC

      Research funder - link to funder ID