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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Beware: Gaia may destroy humans before we destroy the Earth

      Hmmm. I have been thinking about Earth having a fever in response to a pathogen. Foreign bodies, viruses, known as corporations have infected the minds of their host organisms, using legal systems to reprogram their syntropic nature as living organisms with a compulsion to replace themselves with entropy machines. By assuming personhood, corporations are consuming and monopolizing the time, energy, and resources of their hosts so that they have achieved a level of control and domination over nature such that they can change the climate and reversing the process of biological and cultural evolution.

      “I think I can feel the future.”


  2. Oct 2021
    1. I recently found this book at Value Village while exploring the non-fiction books section. What caught my eye was the back cover’s reference to Sallie McFague. I learned about Sallie McFague from Tripp Fuller’s podcast, Homebrewed Christianity, when she died. He dedicated an episode to her influence. Her name also came up in conversation with Sophia at the Faith, Arts + Culture course at Bez Arts Hub.

      When I read the title of the article, *The World as God’s Body,” I decided to purchase the book. I have been exploring this theme as it relates to the Gaia hypothesis in articles such as, A Prayer for the Earth.