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  1. Jan 2023
    1. They considered the child the boon of GodVireshwara Shiva, and named him Vireshwa


    2. How nice it is todrive a coach!”


    3. coachman like Krishnawho taught Arjuna.


    4. India is a land of manyreligions and cultures. Peoplehere take both pleasure and painalike. They are dedicated andduty-bound. In this land, manywell known religious leaders havebeen born


  2. Nov 2020
    1. रस्तो के सपने और सपनों के रास्ते

      Dream of roads and road of dreams

  3. Sep 2020
  4. Apr 2020
    1. Android


    2. NOTICES

      So does this mean that TikTok is opensource or are they listing open source softwares used in this project.

    1. Override Changes

      is this like a danger button?

    2. Changes are still received so the folder may become “out of sync”, but no changes will be applied.

      Bit confusing, when the previous line says changes will be ignored.

  5. Oct 2019
    1. Mopidy is just a server Mopidy is a Python application that runs in a terminal or in the background on Linux computers or Macs that have network connectivity and audio output. Out of the box, Mopidy is an MPD and HTTP server. Additional frontends for controlling Mopidy can be installed from extensions.

      This if we can deploy as service, we should be able to get many different web clients to access the programs like mentioned in this section here

  6. Jan 2019
    1. But blockchain technology is still in the embryonic stage

      But so is AI and ML

    2. If a North Korean looked at a picture of Kim Jong Un and the biometric sensors picked up telltale signs of anger (higher blood pressure, increased activity in the amygdala), that person could be in the gulag the next day.

      This does sound scary

    3. Adjacent to the image he wrote, “Good morning!” A Facebook translation algorithm made a small error when transliterating the Arabic letters. Instead of Ysabechhum (which means “Good morning”), the algorithm identified the letters as Ydbachhum (which means “Hurt them”). Suspecting that the man might be a terrorist intending to use a bulldozer to run people over, Israeli security forces swiftly arrested him.

      Infant AI

    4. But will that be enough?

      Not sure if we put as reeducation system, but #MakerSpaces yess!!

    5. The chances that they might miscommunicate and collide will therefore be far smaller.

      Theoretically yes, but however when we consider the number of Engineers, Developers or even Human - AI team pulling these services off might still be like the "drivers unfamiliar with the changing traffic regulations"

    6. It is much harder to struggle against irrelevance than against exploitation

      This is how the British could rule India for about 300 years

    7. The technology that favored democracy is changing, and as artificial intelligence develops, it might change further.

      i would like to see arguments around this as i further read.

  7. Dec 2018
  8. Nov 2018
    1. More than mere summaries, florilegia stood as conscious value judgments about a text, in which the “best” or “most important” passages were isolated and emphasized. These lists of individual judgments began to circulate as crucial, authoritative documents regarding important sources and passages, a fact that emphasizes the form’s constitutive function in knowledge formation and circulation.


  9. Dec 2017
    1. On the level of interaction, political propaganda has invaded family WhatsApp groups in the forms of text as well as audio-visual based forwards, and users of social media - whether in rural or urban India - are bound to feel the impact.



  10. Nov 2017
    1. Media Maker Spaces is an exploration for them experience a creating, editing, storing. publishing and streaming media to their peers and to their immediate context.

      Seems quite related to #CollecionAndIdentity

    1. Festivals and rituals - Living archives of the memories

      Seems quite related to #CollectionAndIdentity

  11. May 2017
    1. How can a web visitor to be able to walk into an office and start interacting with the objects?


  12. Dec 2016
    1. Render

      Render - Client / Server architecture application. Needs broader classification of requirements, configurations and settings.

    2. Process The process is about taking the captured data as an input, and making it ready to render. concepts??? [TODO ]

      So, this i see as individually linked to it's specific concepts and methods. i can't imagine of it's own sub-section in architecture document as it's very diverse and broad.

    3. Measurement(Manually)

      Manual measurement or traditional measurement methods and techniques will link to Akarsh's documentation @ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yYIPX4R5mCv1NaYNenSaf5gbckelYwZQMqT6dbOvSlY/edit

    4. Panorama

      This can be it's own Section under capture, with sub-sections detailing of methods to capture panos like Ricoh cam, dslr multi images stitching with hugin, Fish eye,

  13. Nov 2016
    1. The Adversary: This story will talk about three characters who have all experienced a museum and how they contemplate the impact of its structure on their own lives. The story specifically explores how institutions become shells of their own vision and intent, and how this situation could be addressed. The story will serve as an analogy for digital interventions which have the capacity to comment one meta layer above the content.


    1. Time to iterate over an array of 100,000 integers

      so looks like firefox takes more time to iterate through underscore _.each compare to chrome difference is atleast 10 times

    1. The downsides are that Firefox has slower startup times (because Chrome is constantly on in the background) and slower page loading speeds (because it doesn’t steal CPU cycles like Chrome).

      So this is why firefox i slow?

  14. Sep 2016
  15. Aug 2016
    1. o start annotating some documents.

      Start Annotating? i already did!

  16. Feb 2016
  17. Aug 2015
  18. addons.mozilla.org addons.mozilla.org
    1. Padma is a technology for transforming Indic text between public and proprietary formats. The technology currently supports Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Devanagari (including Marathi), Gujarati, Bengali, and Gurmukhi...

      mozilla language service for browser

  19. Jul 2015
    1. The sensors were placed on light lamps or building fronts, trying to minimize the visual impact on the city.


  20. Apr 2015