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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Information is blocked from going outside the organization when data is not supposed to leave the tenant boundary for compliance purposes (for example, in U.S. Government organizations: Microsoft 365 GCC, GCC High, and DoD). Reporting a message or file to Microsoft from one of these organizations will have the following message in the result details: Further investigation needed. Your tenant does not allow data to leave the environment, so we could not find anything with an initial scan. You'll need to contact Microsoft support to have this item reviewed.

      seemingly contradictory:

      You'll need to contact Microsoft support to have this item reviewed. But they already tried to report it to Microsoft and it was blocked? What form of contacting Microsoft support is expected to be used and how is it better? Won't any form of "having this item reviewed" cause it to leave the boundary and go outside the organization?

  2. Apr 2022
  3. Jul 2021
    1. Bash is a wonderful and terrible language. It can provide extremely elegant solutions to common text processing and system management tasks, but it can also drag you into the depths of convoluted workarounds to accomplish menial jobs.
  4. Apr 2021
    1. Carcassonne just gets on my nerves because I just don't view selecting between so many placement options to be that interesting.

      Interesting that this has no meaningful choices for the exact opposite reason (too many options/decisions makes it boring/not meaningful) that Fjords had, which was that you are forced to go a certain direction (lack of options).

    2. This is extremely simple stuff. It is easy to learn and teach and could be played by families with no problem. However, it can be extremely frustrating placing the tiles.
    1. A modified timestamp signifies the last time the contents of a file were modified. A program or process either edited or manipulated the file. “Modified” means something inside the file was amended or deleted, or new data was added. Changed timestamps aren’t referring to changes made to the contents of a file. Rather, it’s the time at which the metadata related to the file was changed. File permission changes, for example, will update the changed timestamp.

      They shouldn't use synonyms for this (modified = changed).

      It would be clearer if the word that differed between the terms indicated what changed:

      • "content modified" time (cctime)?
      • "meta modified" time (cmtime)?
    2. When does “changed” not mean “modified”?
    1. It's strange to me that the text returned is in all caps (how it's styled after CSS), but the matcher is actually testing against the text in the unstyled HTML. I spent a while digging through the source code and I still can't figure out why this works.
    1. Fortunately for fans of high quality puzzle games, RUSH is anything but simple.

      I agree. A good puzzle should not be too simple.

  5. Mar 2021
    1. Don't let the highly rated reviews fool you, this is one of the worst Steam games I've personally bought and played in years (as of writing this I'm closing in on 4000 games in my Steam library).
    1. I like to take it a step further and define a technologist as a General Technology Specialist, just to ramp up the oxymoron. However, as most technologists know, that’s exactly what we are – general specialists.

      Wouldn't that make us both a generalist and a specialist? Which is more accurate, a generalist specialist or a generalist specialist? 

    1. This repo is currently unmaintained. The code hasn't been updated for a while. But not all is lost, antimicro has a future!

      Have to read on to understand...

    1. For instance, Zepto.js can be mapped to fulfill the module duty for the 'jquery' module ID. There is a notable exception that does register as a named module: jQuery.
    1. I decided a couple of months ago to look for a way to work on faastRuby full time. Today is October 1st, 2019, and I am excited to announce that I am bringing faastRuby into Shopify. As I start this next chapter, I will be taking down all faastRuby servers. 
  6. Feb 2021