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    1. big five

      English premier league, Spanish league, German league, Italian League, French league



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    1. rooted him on

      to help (someone or something) to win or succeed by expressing or showing strong support

    1. the tile floor of an emergency room

      Determiner + Classifer + Thing + Qualifier

    2. perilously low oxygen levels

      Epithet + Classifier 1 + Classifier 2 + Thing

    3. the mysterious pneumonia-like illness sweeping China’s central city of Wuhan

      Determiner + Epithet + Classifier + Thing + Qualifier (downranking participle clause)

  5. Sep 2019
    1. This phrase book is aimed to help newcomers to the U.S understand what some popular local idioms really mean.

      A nice little phrase guide to US English.

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    1. use ‘本を貸していただけませんでしょうか’ to make it even politer.

      book PRT-OBJ lend/give-TE_FORM it-is-acceptable-NEG COPULA-SUGGESTIVE PRT-INTERROGATIVE. "Is it not acceptable to give me your book?"

    2. ‘本を貸してくださいませんか’ (Can’t you lend me your book?)

      (your) book PRT-OBJ give-TE_FRM please-NEG (cannot) PRT-INTEROG (?). "Can't you give/lend me your book?"

      Using くださいません is the negative of ください which, when coupled with か makes a polite order in the form of a question: instead of "Please give me your book," it is "Can't you lend me your book?"

    3. By asking questions, the listeners feel that they have a choice to say no and thus are not offended by your request. In Japanese, you should also ask questions when you ask for a favor.

      When you ask a question, you give the other person(s) the choice to say "Yes" or "No." This is much more polite than any order using 下さい.

  8. Dec 2017
    1. up front

      adv 预先地

    2. Emotional commitment



      N-COUNT A commitment is something which regularly takes up some of your time because of an agreement you have made or because of responsibilities that you have. 投身的事 例: I've got a lot of commitments.

    3. in the face of


    4. get stuck on


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