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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Comparing pancakes to file management is an apples to oranges comparison.

      From this point onwards, I'm going to insist that anything that uses the phrase "[...] apples and oranges" omit it in lieu of the phrase "like comparing filesystems and pancakes".

  2. Aug 2022
    1. An ActivePaper is, by defini-tion, a package combining the code, data, and documentationthat describe together a computational scientific study.
    1. There is a good chance that you have never heard ofsoftware collapse before, for the simple reason that it’s aterm I have made up myself two years ago in a blog post.
  3. Jul 2022
  4. May 2022
    1. The atomic unit of developer productivity ought then to be one iteration of the inner loop. The appropriate unit is not code quantity, but iteration frequency. We might call this unit of quantity developer hertz.
  5. Apr 2022
  6. Feb 2022
    1. the guide shall be written in such a way that all we have to do is produce the guide itself and then a computer can do the heavy lifting—where we might otherwise expect a separate, possibly GUI-driven, "app" to be created for the end user to interact with, we accomplish the same effect by making the guide very detailed—in part also an attempt to evoke the style and quality of old equipment operation and repair manuals that used to be available, when such manuals could be expected to include e.g. full schematics. If done correctly, this should be sufficient for the guide itself to be interpretable by a machine.

      "comprehensive codebook"?



    1. line in the sand between the old and new "smart" phone worlds

      I like this distinction—"new world" smartphones vs "old world" smartphones.

  7. Jan 2022
  8. Nov 2021
    1. public type registry

      Any known previous occurrences to this phrase? It's used today in the Solid Project.

  9. Jul 2021
    1. There used to be an internet middle class, of non-commercial users whowere not overtly technical, but were still able to self-publish.

      This is probably the least flawed claim in the entire piece.